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Mombasa County, is the littlest of all the 47 counties in kenya and is the county 001, covering a zone of 229.7 Km2 with a huge 65 Km2 of water mass. The province is arranged in the South Eastern piece of Coast area. It is a neighbouring county to Kilifi County approaching the North, Kwale County toward the South West and the Indian Ocean toward the East.

Authoritatively, the district is isolated into seven divisions, eighteen areas and thirty sub-area and hosts six voting public to be specific Mvita, Changamwe, Jomvu Kuu, Likoni, Kisauni and Nyali.

The region has Mombasa city which is entryway to East Africa and the Great Lake regions and a home to all the Kenyan’s ethnic groups.

Populace dissemination and settlement designs in the province are affected by closeness to streets, water and power offices. The populace is additionally gathered in zones where there is accessibility and availability to work openings, moderate lodging, and security.

Very populated zones are in Island Division, Likoni, Kingorani, Bamburi, Bangladesh Mikindani, Jomvu, Miritini, Migadini, Port Reitz, Mtwapa, Mishomoroni and Bombolulu among others.


The region has different settlement conspires to be specific Jomvu Kuu, Bububu A, Shikaadabu , Vyemani, Mwembelegeza and Majaoni.

Regardless of the endeavors being made to settle individuals, the province still has an extensive number of landless individuals the greater part of who live in the city’s ghettos of Mishomoroni, Junda and Kisumu Ndogo in Bamburi Division and Shika Adabu and Ngomeni in Likoni region.

As indicated by the 2009 Census Report (Source KNBS) Mombasa province populace remained at 939,370 and is anticipated to increment to 1,041,928 by dusk of 2012.

While the Medium Term Plan (MTP) of the vision 2030 spotlights on expansive National arrangements went for making Kenya an all around focused Nation, this County Development Profile makes an interpretation of this national desire into particular small scale mediations to address the extraordinary district needs.

Also, it profile gives an execution system to the vision 2030 which contains the general population’s discernments, methodologies and proposals on how best to accomplish and support a GDP development rate of 10%.

Mombasa county challenges

The significant advancement challenges incorporate among others; poor street systems, quick urbanization and lodging issues, deficient training offices, insufficient medicinal services conveyance focuses, high joblessness among the young, weakness, powerless land possession administration, enduring water deficiencies and development of spontaneous and casual settlements.

History of Mombasa County

Mombasa has a long history the follows can be found from the works of the sixteenth century. Numerous dealers attempted to uphold their administration on the town because of its profitably focal area, where Arab impact is felt unmistakably till date.

The town of Mombasa remained the focal point of the Arab exchange ivory and slaves from the eighth to the sixteenth century. It is realized that Arab brokers cruised down around to the shoreline of Kenya from the main century AD who kept on building exchange along the ports of Mombasa and Lamu.

Portuguese additionally had their effect on the port that changed the substance of the land by consuming it just about three times. It is trusted that Vasco da Gama was the primary known European to visit Mombasa, whose motivation behind investigation was to spread the Christian confidence to additionally grow Portugal’s exchanging territory. Mombasa turned into Portugal’s principle exchanging focal point of flavors, cotton and espresso, where Fort Jesus was developed. The Fort filled in as the real community for exchanging products that shielded the Portuguese from clashes with local people the remaining parts of which still pulls in a lot of vacationers and guests. As servitude was exceptionally worked on amid that time, the neighborhood slaves were traded for products.

Until 1698, the Portuguese controlled the city, however soon the Omani Arabs assumed control over the charge.

At long last, the British took control of Mombasa in 1895, wherein the British East African Protectorate was built up.

Colonization propagated in Mombasa that advanced European culture over the town and the Kenyan terrains. Like in India, the British picked up force and set up control of the port. They even finished a railroad line in the mid 1900’s from Mombasa to Uganda which is maybe the significant point of interest ever of. In this way, from 1887 to 1907, Mombasa remained the capital of the British East Africa Protectorate.

The British run finished and Kenya got its freedom on the twelfth December 1963. From thus, started the making of political gatherings and associations that confronted races for the development of a steady government. In spite of the fact that huge political movements and restrictions prompted brutality, the weight from the global and African people group drove the pioneers to at last go to an accord and shape a power-sharing understanding.

Vacation destinations in Mombasa County


Mombasa follows its inception to two rulers in oral history: Mwana Mkisi (female) and Shehe Mvita. Shehe Mvita superseded the administration of Mwana Mkisi. He set up his own particular town on Mombasa Island. Shehe Mvita is recognized as a Muslim of awesome learning and the urban settlement on Mombasa Island is as yet connected to him.

Fortress Jesus

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It is adjacent to the passageway to the Old Port of Mombasa. It was set up by the Portuguese in 1593 to watch the port and their exchange routeto India. It has a turbulent history of wars between the decision Arab administrations.


Bombolulu workshop (North Coast)

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A noteworthy vacation spot, established in 1969, Bombolulu Workshop is an undertaking of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK). It has a Cultural Center with eight customary residences. The Center runs a customary eatery and engages visitors with conventional moves amid the day.


Bamburi Nature Trails-Haller Park

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This is the biggest creature asylum in Mombasa. Once a desolate limestone quarry from years of mining, today it is a flourishing seaside woodland. Its prosperity is to a great extent because of Rene Haller, an agro forester who since the 19705 has been then power behind its change. There are four nature courses in the Forest Trails for cycling, running, strolling and wellness.


The Mombasa Tusks

The Mombasa “Tusks” are emblematic portrayals of the passage into the core of the town. The tusks were worked to celebrate the visit of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, in 1956. At first, made of canvas extended over wooden casings by the city engineers in view of Kilindini Road, now Moi Avenue, they were later remade in aluminum and moved to their present position in the 19605. Adventitiously the tusks additionally spell the letter “M” for Mombasa.


Mamba Village

Arranged in Nyali, near Haller Park, it is East Africa’s biggest crocodile cultivate. A voyage through the ranch begins with a film on the life cycle and conduct of crocodiles, trailed by a voyage through the crocodile-ville. It closes with the feature of the day: a staggering scene of homicidal crocodiles in a free for all amid encouraging time.


Mombasa Marine Park

The marine stop off is effectively available by vessel or neighborhood kayaks from the shoreline inns on the North Coast. A rich coral reef, home to the most breathtaking cluster of coral fish and plants live in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.


Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa Old town is reminiscent of the days when the Arabs and Asians applied an overwhelming effect on the town and its way of life, particularly in the engineering and its dialect, Kiswahili. The Old Town, is on the provisional rundown to meet all requirements for consideration in the World Heritage List.

Rabai Museum

Rabai is the place Christianity and present day learning in Kenya began. Set up in 1846 by Dr Ludwig Krapf as the primary church edifice in Kenya, Rabai is 25km northwest of Mombasa off the Nairobi—Mombasa thruway on the Mazeras — Kaloleni street. Dr Krapf, an amazing etymologist, learned Kiswahili inside long stretches of arriving in Mombasa and made an interpretation of the primary Bible into Kiswahili.


Jumba La Mtwana

This thirteenth century relinquished Swahili settlement; 20km north of Mombasa town resembles every single early settlement, on the seashore. Other than a delightful shoreline, it gloats sublime remains of the old homes and a mosque with its cut specialties and angled entryways. There is an excursion site and an extraordinary shoreline for swimming

Nightlife in Mombasa

Mombasa has a selection of dance club, bars, and clubs on the North and South Coast. Numerous shoreline inns have their own clubs.

List of some of the best clubs in Mombasa :-

  1. Il Covo
  2. Mamba International Night Club
  3. Casablanca
  4. Tembo Entertainment Plaza
  5. Florida
  6. 77 (Saba)

Top Best Accommodation and Hotels in Mombasa County

Voyager Beach Resort

A dynamic, ship like—themed resort, Voyager Beach Resort is moored on the drift, at Nyali Beach. The resort gives family diversion and liveliness programs, including themed travels over the seven oceans.

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Marina English Point

It sits over the dazzling old Mombasa horizon in a characteristic marine bowl with a sea wall coral retire that is ideal for a marina. Out of this vision was conceived the plan to convey to Kenya, an advanced, universal improvement that offers the best in way of life and extravagance, and in addition the locale’s initially overhauled marina to provide food for the extravagance sculling market.

Sarova White Sands Beach Resort and Spa

Incorporating Swahili insides and Arabic design, Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa is an outlandish resort on Bamburi Beach. Set in 22 sections of land of arranged greenery enclosures, this resort has the biggest beachfront on the North Coast.

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Serena Beach Resort and Spa

Extending along Shanzu Beach, a lace of palm-bordered brilliant sand, picked along back by the nearby turtle to lay their eggs, and with the reasonable blue waters of the Indian Ocean spreading over out before it. The Serene Beach Hotel and Spa offers a definitive idealism.

Turtle Bay Beach Club

Turtle Bay Beach Club is situated on 650 ft of shoreline, on the edge of the universally acclaimed Watamu National Marine Park. On tropical grounds, it offers an outside pool and 3 eateries.

Bahari Beach Hotel

Shoreline front on Nyali Beach ,Bahari Beach Hotel offers a determination of eateries, bars and water sports. The inn is outlined in conventional Swahili style, with coral squares and covered rooftops in brilliant patio nurseries.

Pangoni Beach Resort

Built on the peaceful Shanzu Beach, Mombasa. Pangoni Beach Resort is a stunning and extraordinarily fabricated ocean side heaven, basically the most lofty condos ever of. Our rich and open adjusted and oversaw flats will ruin you for decision, in the case of searching for a sole withdraw or a family excursion, climb to heaven.

Plaza Beach Hotel

Arranged on the shining white powder sands of Bamburi Beach, the Plaza Beach Hotel offers the courtesies and solaces of a little, extravagant, ’boutique style’ official lodging. The primary eatery serves themed buffet-style meals, with an assortment of tropical and global cooking, while the claim to fame eatery highlights individually dishes and fish.

Castle Royal Hotel

The recently restored Castle Royal Hotel is arranged in Mombasa town focus, just 10 minutes from the notable site of Mombasa Old Town and the world acclaimed Fort Jesus. The island of Mombasa is referred to in Swahili as Kisiwa ya Mvita, which implies Island of War, because of the numerous adjustments in its possession through its long and astounding history.

Midview Hotel

Midview Hotel is situated in the peaceful Nyali neighborhood just 20 minutes from Moi International Airport and 25 minutes from Mombasa downtown area.

Appreciate aerated and cooled rooms,quality food,a classy parlor for perusing or mingling and air where you can unwind,get an incredible night’s rest and really feel at home.

Lotus Hotel

Close Mombasa Old Town, Lotus Hotel is situated inside simple reach of the noteworthy Fort Jesus and its encompassing pleasant rear ways. The brilliant orange lodging is a milestone on Cathedral Lane,just off Nkururnah Road.The inn invites families, and can likewise orchestrate gatherings and classes. The Lotus Hotel’s point is for guests to feel like a Lotus-eater in the Odyssey of Horner, the Greek, brimming with satisfaction and in the event that you wish, marvelous inactivity.

New Palm Tree Hotel

Not a long way from Fort Jesus, New Palm Tree Hotel brings out the historical backdrop of the old piece of Mombasa. This pioneer building is whitewashed, with a general wooden staircase and a substantial housetop yard improved with pot plants.There are 30 en—suite rooms. All rooms have aircon, fan, mosquito net, refrigerator and satellite TV. WiFi is accessible all through the inn. The rooms open onto the yard which has a lot of seats and makes an agreeable place to spend the night. Room administration and clothing administration are given.

Panaroma Gardens Hotel

Close to the Mombasa Municipal Stadium, Panarorna Gardens Hotel’s orange exterior makes a striking point of interest. The inn is arranged between the focal point of the town and Moi International Airport; airplane terminal exchanges can be orchestrated. The housetop banish is an appealing spot from which to watch the dusk.

Manson Hotel

Manson Hotel is Within strolling separation of the monster elephant tusks, well known image of Mombasa. There are 80 en-suite rooms, made up of standard, grand and official.

Standard rooms are outfitted with fan, while grand and official have aircon, phone and satellite TV. All rooms have conventional waterfront cut entryways and overhangs. Eden Parlor Restaurant serves Kenyan and universal dishes, for example, chicken wings, spaghetti bolognaise, browned fish fillet, mix singed liver and blended flame broil.

Castle Royal Hotel

The recently repaired Castle Royal Hotel is arranged in Mombasa town focus, just 10 minutes from the memorable site of Mombasa Old Town and the world celebrated Fort Jesus. The island of Mombasa is referred to in Swahili as Kisiwa ya Mvita, which implies Island of War, because of the numerous adjustments in its possession through its long and memorable history.

Glory Grand Hotel

In the focal point of Mombasa, Glory Grand Hotel offers spending settlement and an eatery. Its focal area makes it helpful for the shops, organizations, bars and eateries of Mombasa.

There are 43 en—suite rooms, made up of singles, pairs and triples. 25 of the rooms are furnished with aircon, TV with nearby channels and ice chest.

Regal Court Hotel

Regal Court Hotel, situated in the focal point of Mombasa, is Well prepared for both business and occasion guests. The amazing 8-story building joins beach front Wood with earthenware wrapping up.


Nyali International Beach Hotel

Built up in 1946, Nyali International Beach Hotel was widely revamped in 2010. The lodging is in lavish gardens on the beachfront.

There are 48 palm wing ocean confronting rooms, 102 garden wing rooms, 3 extravagance estates, 3 presidential suites and 3 official suites. All rooms are furnished with satellite TV,telephone advanced safe, minibar, pot, hairdryer and WiFi.

Serena Beach Hotel and Spa

Extending along Shanzu Beach, a strip of palm-bordered brilliant sand, picked along back by the nearby turtle to lay their eggs, and with the unmistakable blue waters of the Indian Ocean crossing out before it. The Serene Beach Hotel and Spa offers a definitive idealism. In the midst of bougainvillea-filled gardens and shaded by palm trees, this dazzling resort mixes indigenous design and materials with the most elevated models of present day friendliness.

PrideInn Hotel Mombasa

Initially called Kohinoor Hotel, which means Mountain of Light, Pridelnn Hotel Mombasa has been planned utilizing antiquated lndian craftsmanship to upgrade the light. The lodging offers overhauled studios and condos. Situated on Haile Sellasie Avenue, the inn is very much arranged for the shops and organizations of Mombasa.

More Hotels in Mombasa Kenya

  1. Club Rio – Mombasa Kenya
  2. Hotel Dorse – Mombasa Kenya
  3. Suhufi Palace Hotel – Mombasa Kenya
  4. Darajani Hotel – Mombasa Kenya
  5. Cool Breeze Hotel
  6. Tudor Water Sports
  7. Pangoni Beach Resort
  8. The Tamarind Group – Nairobi Kenya
  9. Shimba Lodge
  10. Voyager Beach Resort
  11. Turtle Bay Beach Club – Watamu Kenya
  12. Swahili Beach
  13. Surfside Villas
  14. Dawn Resort Apartments and Spa
  15. Sun N Sand Beach Resort
  16. Severin Sea Lodge
  17. Sentido Neptune Paradise Resort
  18. Sentido Neptune Village Resort
  19. Sentido Neptune Beach Resort
  20. Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa
  21. Sandies Tropical Village
  22. Salama Beach Hotel
  23. Sai Rock Hotel
  24. Illustrious Reserve Safari and Beach Club
  25. Square Beach Hotel
  26. Pinewood Beach resort and spa
  27. Dad Pweza Adamsville Beach Suites
  28. Sea Sports Resort
  29. North Coast Beach Hotel
  30. Msambweni Beach House and Private Villas
  31. Mombasa Sai Resort
  32. Mombasa Continental Resort
  33. Mombasa Beach Hotel – Nyali Kenya
  34. Mnarani Club
  35. Milele Beach Hotel
  36. Makwetu Resorts
  37. Lion in the Sun Resort
  38. Panther Beach Resort and Spa
  39. Lantana Galu Beach
  40. Kipungani Explorer
  41. Kinondo Kwetu
  42. Kilili Baharini Resort and Spa
  43. Kaskazi Beach Hotel
  44. Jumuia Conference and Beach Resort
  45. Inn Titanic
  46. Hemingways Resort
  47. Gishungo Apartment Hotels
  48. Ostentatious Home
  49. EmErald Beach Resort and Spa
  50. Eden Village Watamu Beach
  51. Eden Roc Hotel
  52. Driftwood Beach Club
  53. Diani Sea Lodge
  54. Diani Reef shoreline Resort and Spa
  55. Baobab Holiday Resort – Bamburi Kenya
  56. Baobab Beach Resort and Spa – Diani Kenya
  57. Almanara Luxur

Mombasa County Government – Facts

Political units: Constituencies (6) and Wards (30)

Work compel: 65.24 for each penny of the aggregate County populace

Street Network: 27 km ordered streets and 221.46 km unclassified streets.

Media communications: 95% of inhabitants of Mombasa have mobiles

Education level: 86.2%.

Vitality Access: 53.6% utilize paraffin

Land utilize: 30% of the occupants have title deeds.

Tourism: Contribute to 68% of the wage work

Joblessness: 13.5%.

Wellbeing: Referral office (1), Private doctor’s facilities (15) and Public dispensaries (25)

Mombasa County Population

Populace: 1,041,928 (Projected 2012)

Mombasa County Jobs

Mombasa County Jobs open doors for all qualified faculty and the individuals who might wish to work with Mombasa County government. Employments in Mombasa County are posted on the region site.

Occupations in Mombasa County are granted in a free, reasonable and straightforwardness way in the need to battle debasement in the


To get to these Mombasa area employments notice tap the connection: Mombasa County Jobs for the most recent openings for work in the region.

Mombasa County Tenders

Mombasa area tenders are granted in a free, reasonable and straightforwardness way in the need to battle debasement in the nation.

To get to tenders in Mombasa area tap the connection: the most recent openings for work in the region.

Mombasa County Governor and Deputy Governor

The present legislative leader of Mombasa County is Hon. Ali Hassan Joho and the DG is Hon. Hazel Katana.

Bodies electorate in Mombasa County

Changamwe Constituency

Jomvu Constituency

Kisauni Constituency

Nyali Constituency

Likoni Constituency

Mvita Constituency

Mombasa County Wards

Insights about Mombasa County Wards are being refreshed…

Mombasa County Contacts

P.O. Box is 81599-80100


Mombasa County Website

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