Most marketable degree courses in Kenya

We already discussed about most marketable certificate courses in Kenya

In this post, we will take a look at degree courses that are the best in terms of job market availability in Kenya. This is a list of Best and most Marketable degree Courses To pursue in Kenya as of  2018. Kenyan schools of higher learning churn out about 800,000 graduates in a job market which have really limited opportunities. Graduates are left to battle it out hunting for jobs and literary tarmac for a very long time before some luck befalls them.

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

This course has a strict learning procedure and is high in the market upon graduation. Doctors are typically absorbed directly after or even before graduation to hospitals countrywide hence Bachelor of Medicine and surgery is very marketable.

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy

This one is quite identical to Bachelor of Medicine, And Surgery and graduates are employed to the job market immediately they graduate or even when they are around graduating.

3. Actuarial Science

This course is not very much old in Kenya. Furthermore, the experts in the field are few given that the course needs students to undergo severe learning exercise which takes 5+ years and now that they are only a few in the Kenyan job market and their market demand increases by the day, graduands of this beautiful course normally get jobs without much struggle.

4. Bachelor of Law

This course over here is also very marketable. You have seen the likes of James Orengo, Ombetta, Miguna Miguna, Lumumba.

5. Bachelor of Architecture/Quantity Survey

This course demands to take seven years learning to graduate with a degree. There is a significant increase in real estate development and general construction hence the need for quantity surveyors and architects is on the rise consequently many graduated are assured of a job upon graduation.

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6. Software Engineering/Web Design

Social media is overgrowing, and many Kenyans are making money out of it. Several companies are nowadays employing software engineers or web designers to help save them on par with the forever dynamic digital world as the creation of websites.

7. Electrical engineering/Civil Engineering

These are two distinct courses, but they are very marketable in the job market. Graduates normally get a job upon graduation while others who are brighter can take a part-time job while still on campus.

8. Quantity Survey

This course has few specialists in the field, and that speaks volumes why it’s marketable. The few too who graduate get jobs almost immediately.

9. Statistics

It’s very unusual to find a statistics graduate remaining jobless. The course is so much marketable even at the undergraduate state.

10. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

This unique course is much marketable than a degree in education because the demand for sign language translators for special needs fields is increasing every day and since there are few professionals in that field, the few that graduate receives a direct ticket to get a job.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Most marketable degree courses in Kenya

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