Music royalty Wahu and Nameless almost broke up during the early steps of their marriage, it has been revealed.

According to Nameless, he was inclined to pack his bags and leave while the pair was still young in their nuptials.

Speaking to Radio Jambo in a recent interview, Nameless said things got tough, and he was finding it hard to cope with the constant push and pull.

The singer said three years into their union, while his wife was pregnant, he had no idea where all the problems were coming from.

“In the beginning of marriage two or three years after, I was wondering what was happening. Then just when we got married, she got pregnant. With pregnancy comes a lot of uncertainty. I almost left at that time,” he opened up.
This stressed him out and he imagined there was no solution for the numerous troubles they were experiencing.

He went ahead to teach young couples not to think there is a handbook that explains the ins and outs of marriage.

According to the Megarider singer, you take it as it is and learn on the job.

“We do not have a secret and we did not learn earlier. There is nothing like that. You learn along the way,” he said.
The pair will soon commemorate 14 years in marriage and they have two beautiful daughters.


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