Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dorah reveals new Nigerian boyfriend

Mishi Dora

kenyan socialite Mishi Dorah dumped her big build ex-lover Ciggie citing infidelity claims.

Dora also stated her former lover was abusive and would frequently hit her whenever he got angry.

In a new Instagram post seen by on Tuesday, June 5, the beauty stated she had found herself a new man from Western Africa.

In her own words, Mishi had officially gone Western and was beyond happy to be with a man from Nigeria.

“I call him my pana. Fine like Amarula. I don’t know what I would do without you, you know I love you, right?” she wrote.

Her new lover is a handsome chap with eyes which will leave you drooling for hours.

The actress’s fans could not help but swoon over the unnamed new catch as they stated she had upgraded.

Her ex had also unveiled a new lady who was rumoured to be his lover.

The Nairobi Diaries cast members had a tiff on the internet after the Mishi accused him of sleeping with her friend and cast mate Pendo.

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