Nameless and Wahu marriage life and latest news

Nameless and Wahu

Wahu and Nameless are truly outstanding and prominent couples in Kenya. They have been as one for a long time and are going through their marriage time on earth joyfully by sharing their exceptional love and sentiment story. Both are eminent specialists alongside being a VIP couple in East Africa. In all out they have as of now put in 20 years together however the adoration amongst Wahu and Nameless is as yet like that of a recently wedded couple. Individuals get astounded by their novel romantic tale and level of comprehension. We are likewise going to talk about something more about their romantic tale and marriage life.

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Love story of Wahu and Nameless

Nameless and Wahu’s love story inspires people in Kenya. They are famous as top artists and among the best couples. Chano8 Magazine had an interview and told them to share some special stories about their love life. They asked many questions about their personal love life as well as married life. Here are some of the questions and answers:

How did you meet?

He replied that they “met at a University function through a mutual friend.”

What are the top 5 best qualities of your husband?

Wahu replied that, “his dedication towards family, his sensitive nature, his easy going temperament, his sense of leadership and his good looks!”

Is music a huge part of your lives?

She replied that, “we both enjoy music. He contributes to my creative process, so do I to his. We are both passionate about each other’s career and support each other in the same way”.

Nameless and Wahu wedding

Nameless and Wahu are not only famous as entertainers but also they are one of the most beautiful couples. In 2005, they got married but, before marriage they have successfully completed their 8 years relationship. They were also studying in the same university that is the University of Nairobi. Many people have asked questions about their relationship, but, they don’t feel bad about it and they don’t like to hide anything about their relationship. They once said that, “we are creating a close relationship with each other and we respect each other”. They have already completed 11 years of marriage and they always try to keep their relationship like a newly started love story. Nameless said that he always tries to balance their positive and negative sides and he managed everything by discussing with one other and not by showing off in public. Nameless and Wahu’s wedding life has been a unique one. They are the real example of a beautiful couple in Kenya. Some Wahu and Nameless wedding photos are given below:

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Wahu and Nameless give respect to each other. They manage every situation in their life by discussing with one other; they never show their personal issues in front of the public. Whereas, they even share their love life, about their children, family and house photo on social media platform. Their good understanding and love made their married life a successful one. We Kenyans, often feel that these music artists might have issues with their respective music career paths. However, being stars of the entertainment world they have never given up respecting one another. Nameless expressed that, “Wahu has no problem with it she knows about the industry and she never complains”. Wahu replied that, Nameless actually handpicked the guy that featured in her ‘Yeye’ video.

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Wahu Kagwi and Nameless are one of the cutest couples in Kenya and they are the star of music industry. They have recently celebrated their 11th marriage anniversary successfully.

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There is no doubt that Nameless and Wahu are a lovely couple and they manage each and every ups and downs in their life. However, there was an instance where the lovebirds fought in public. The reason behind Nameless and Wahu fight in public was that Nameless was paying more importance to Nike Kondakis who is a female fashion designer. Nameless was talking and dancing with her. However, Wahu became angry and went to Nameless to talk about this matter and during this time Wahu stormed off and the argument became more fierce between the two.

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Nameless and Wahu daughters

They are blessed with two beautiful daughters named, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge. However, Nameless wants to add a son to his family and in 2016 he expressed his feelings towards his wife and talked about adding a new member but not a girl but a son. Both Wahu and Nameless have decided to add a 3rd child to their family.

Wahu, is also a businesswoman. She owns a salon and beauty parlor. Both are tied up with busy schedules but within busy schedules they find some time for their daughters and try to spend some quality time. Even after having two children Wahu and Nameless are still maintaining a strong relationship with each other and fulfilling all the goals of their family.

In other words, Tumiso wrote an amazing letter for her mum Wahu, portraying how Wahu is an amazing mother. Moreover, Wahu always advice Tumiso to maintain concentration in class. Whereas, Tumiso always does her work as per the advice of her parents and attempts to prove herself as a brilliant daughter. The letter which she had written for her mum was to appreciate her mother’s efforts towards her life. Wahu shared this in Instagram. She wrote,” She made me so happy this evening. She said “Mum, the devil is like a clam. A clam stays with its mouth wide open, with a shiny pearl right at its core. The Pearl is tempting and all you wanna do is grab it. Seems easy to acquire the pearl, an in and out job really, but once its victim is squarely situated…bam! The clam closes its mouth and kills its prey. I couldn’t have put it any better.” There are some cute pictures of Nameless and Wahu children check it in below –

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Wahu and Nameless house

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Wahu and Nameless are famous as Kenya’s favorite couple. They are now close to 12 years of their marriage life. They have two lovely kids also. The couple has also been sharing many things in the public regarding their married and unmarried life. They have shared so much beautiful photos of their family and house. Nameless, who is also famous as an architect, has shared photos of his beautiful home both inside and outside pictures. He, his wife Wahu and his two children are staying in this house happily. The house consists of living room, study room, drawing room, dining room, etc. Whereas; his two daughters Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge are usually dancing in the living room and enjoying with each other.

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Wahu and Nameless latest news

Kenyan artiste David Mathenge commonly referred to as Nameless, is famous as one of the classy musicians in East and West Africa for more than a decade and still people love to listen to his songs.

On social media, Wahu shared her love towards Nameless she posted,

“How does time fly! My husband of 11 years????????. My best friend, father of my lovely girls, my partner for life. I love you with all that I am @namelesskenya happy anniversary babe!” Whereas Nameless also opened his feelings towards his wife Wahu he posted,” I have a lot to be thankful for.@wahukagwi thank you for giving me 11 amazing years of marriage. Through the ups and downs you been by my side. What a journey we have had…my ride or die…to many more blessed years, Happy 11th anniversary babe.”

In this way they spend their life.

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Last year, Nameless was admitted in hospital due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This proved to be a major turning point in Wahu’s life. The incidence took place a week before the Uganda show which was scheduled on September 28th, 2017. The singer was directly admitted to hospital when his friends witnessed something very wrong with Nameless. After a meeting, he suddenly felt dizzy and was almost falling down. However, the entire scene has been kept hidden from the public. Wahu became so nervous and tensed thinking about Nameless’ health condition. However, the doctor was sure enough that there was no need of surgery. Primarily the health condition was meant to be monitored followed by medication to dissolve leaked blood, thereby, controlling pain. After two weeks, Nameless was sent to a special ward where a doctor monitored the health progress and tried to control his pain. After the MRI test results, it was confirmed that there was no such leaked blood.

Wahu confessed that this incident inspired her to rely more on God.

“In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees because it is not about how popular or how much people love you. Those are not the things that matter. Sometimes God shows you ‘I Am God’ and you just have to come down and say yes You are God and You are everything.

“I resonated with the song because of that space and I guess I can say when my husband was unwell God says he is Jehovah-Rapha the healer. The beautiful thing about God is He doesn’t contradict himself and He doesn’t change. His word is his word.

The most interesting part of this latest news is that the songbird who started their career as gospel artists and turned towards the path of secular music, are now back again to the gospel industry.

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