Obama’s take on Miguna deportation

Barack Obama with brother Malik Obama

According to Daily Nation , his supporters in America had planned a peaceful protest on Saturday to the United Nations headquarters in New York to protest the injustice that the fiery lawyer had been subjected to.
Opposition leaders in Kenya led by Raila Odinga have however kept off the deportation of Miguna Miguna with the matter currently in court.
Malik Obama, the half brother of former USA president Barrack Obama has delved into the controversial deportation of Miguna Miguna.
In a hard-hitting statement, Malik said that the fiery lawyer was deported owing to his strong opposition to the government.

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Malik Obama’s tweet on Miguna deportation

Obama summarized his opinion, stating that “only those who are lucky and privileged enjoy this world.”
The fiery lawyer was deported on Wednesday night despite a court order directing his unconditional release being in place.
He is currently receiving treatment in Dubai here he has alleged that unknown people believed to be the police attempted to gain access to his room.
Media reports indicate that Mombasa governor Hassan Joho who is currently in Dubai could visit him.

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  1. I recall of our long time gone democratic freedom fighters who fought for the social rights and justice of this generation we are in. Talk of Tom Mboya, Achieng’ Oneko, Robert Ouko & their calibers. then remember Nelson Mandela of South Africa. They were depressed, oppressed, suppressed, tortured & brutalized but after all, they played a very big role in making the history of our Nation. Is it different from our General -Hon Jamadar Miguna Miguna? We salute you Sir. Telo, jogi oseluor emomiyo gitomo ni kamaa.to wan kodi, nyaka waluar gi piny kata tek manade. these illegitimate despots must fall down in our strong stand of soliderity. Bravoh…sir….VIVA. I am Samson Opiyo Opiyo from Kisumu,
    for them who could be looking for me.

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