Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

A stressing blooper has been recognized in the generally immaculate sentiment between vocalist Otile Brown and his bae Vera Sidika.

The two have opposed chances to set up themselves as a completely fledged couple, yet their relationship has for quite a while been intensely censured by haters who can’t hold up to see Otile ‘utilized and dumped’.


As Exposeke.com announced before, the vocalist uncovered the key reason he fell for the sultry young lady was the way that she was genuinely more astute than other ladies he has been with.

Sounds like a fortunate quality for any young lady to have, yet consider the possibility that Vera is excessively savvy for Otile’s own particular great.

Exposeke.com discovered yet another meeting done by the Tamu Sana vocalist where he by and by put his association with the socialite transformed specialist into viewpoint.

While legitimizing the requirement for the couple to go for a HIV test, Otile accidentally specified that since they have been as one, they have had the startling test a record three times.

Considering the two have just been seen together for the last three or four months, it implies they have been going for HIV tests once consistently.

That is really suspect for a couple who claim to be completely dedicated to each other.

Rapper Frasha had gone in on Otile sooner or later, cautioning him that he was getting himself stuck in an unfortunate situation with the socialite.

On the issue of playing each other in any case, Otile as of late said he had an authentic discussion with the socialite before beginning the sentiment.