POSTINOR 2 P2 PILLS And their effects in Kenya

P2 Pills

Postinor 2 also popular as P2 is a progesterone; a group of contraceptives whose main contraceptive effect is through an action on cervical mucus, which leaves the lining to be impenetrable to sperms. P2 also prevents ovulation. Even with that, Postinor-2 cannot prevent implantation of an already fertilised ovum, therefore rendered ineffective in such incidences. You should know that at this point that, despite the likes of P2 contraceptive being one of the most commonly used contraceptives in Kenya; they have a higher failure rate than the other orally used contraceptives like; Microgynon, Diane 35 and Yasmin brands.

In the local pharmacies, the P2 contraceptive costs around Ksh100 only

When to Use P2 Pills and make them work;

P2 pills should be taken within 48 hours to bring out the desired effect of preventing pregnancy. There are also instances when you can take the p2 pills;

1. It can help if you suffer from liver problems

2.When vomiting

3. Diabetics can also take them

4. The main use is when you make love while unprotected within 48 hours

with that said, let us look at the side effects of P2 pills

Side effects of P2

1.Skin rash

2.Vaginal bleeding




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