Protex Kenya products, contacts, location

In the Kenyan business, Protex Kenya enjoys powerful brand heritage and loyalty as a superior antibacterial soap that has been trusted by consumers for more than 40 years. Protex is positioned as an anti-bacterial soap which is an Expert in Protecting the Good Health of Your Family`s skin every day. Other Protex variants in the market include Fresh, Gentle, Protex Classic, Herbal, Aloe,  and Ultra. Protex contains Propolis which is a natural substance that bees collect from tree buds and other botanical sources to protect their hives.

Protex Kenya EPZ Ltd Contacts

Business Name: Protex Kenya EPZ Ltd
Business Category: Export Processing Zones
Physical Location: EPZ Athi River, Amboseli Ave
Address: P.O.Box: 504-00204 Athi River
Town/city: Athi River
County: Machakos
Country: Kenya
Phone Number: 
Mobile Number: +254-723786204
Email Address: 

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