How to check NTSA/KRA vehicle registration status online

If you want to conduct an NTSA Car Search or check KRA and NTSA vehicle registration, you need an eCitizen account first. An eCitizen account is free and can easily be acquired by registering with the eCitizen portal using National Identity Number.

The mVERIFIED is a quick and dependable application with easy to use user interface which takes about a quarter of an hour to do a full vehicle registration search. With that, the platform has minimized on several hours spent in long queues. The mVERIFIED offers KRA logbook and legal document search solutions for all authenticated users regardless of time with minimal restrictions. This platform uses Lipa Na M-PESA as an acceptable payment platform.

The mVERIFIED is among the reliable and creative solutions for Kenyans to conduct a thorough document search. The mVERIFIED operates in real-time service which is accessible through a web platform and mobile applications. Via mVERIFIED, users can do motor vehicle registration check online. Also, KRA logbook verification is necessary and recommended for all Kenya vehicle owners.

Making a process for Kenya car registration was formerly complicated and involved regular visits to relevant offices to make follow-ups. All KRA/NTSA logbook search and motor vehicle search have now been simplified through mVERIFIED. A KRA logbook status can now be determined at click-through computers and phones without making unnecessary trips to do KRA logbook verification.

KRA logbook online verification platform has proved resourceful for Kenyans intending to acquire used vehicles. Whenever you want to use this service, one needs the following;

NTSA/KRA Logbook Search Requirements

  • Genuine registration number of the car
  • Your Contacts such as email and phone
  • An M-Pesa transaction code
  • The Name of the bearer

NTSA/KRA logbook search Procedure

  • Log to
  • Open the M-Pesa menu
  • Select ‘Lipa Na M-Pesa’ option
  • Select ‘Buy Goods and Services’
  • Enter 202994 as the till number
  • Send KEs. 940 as the amount
  • Enter your M-Pesa pin for authentication
  • Now Press Ok to continue filling ‘Personal Details’ form
  • Ensure to Check the reCAPTCHA box to verify you are human then send the order.

The National Traffic Safety Administration NTSA and Kenya Revenue Authority KRA logbook car search offer comprehensive details that will make sure you confirm the car ownership before deciding to buy one. Looking at some of the particulars availed in NTSA motor vehicle registration check are as follows

  • The Full names of the car owner
  • Model, make and manufacturer of the vehicle
  • The vehicle Body make and color of the car
  • Vehicle Engine power capacity
  • Vehicle logbook number
  • Vehicle chassis number
  • Vehicle Engine number

Looking for vehicle registration status online is versatile and adaptable for all log book Kenya Applications. Online vehicle registration status checks exhaust the government records and databases by visiting the NTSA portal. That has proved resourceful particularly for people intending to buy used cars. The service is equally essential for those planning to transfer vehicle ownership.

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If you are performing NTSA vehicle registration status check, it is advisable to make service payments of 550 kesh through Airtel Money, VISA cards, and M-Pesa. To start with, register or login to eCitizen account if you already have an activated account. When logged in, select National Transport Safety Authority then click on “Get Service Now.” The next step, select “Make Application” followed by “Motor Vehicle Registration.”

How to check NTSA/KRA vehicle registration status online

Looking From the menu, choose “Motor Vehicle Search (Copy of Records)” then press apply. Finally, one will be asked to enter the vehicle registration number in the format “KAA787A”. Then Continue by selecting the mode of payment then follow the prompts to complete the process and download all the necessary vehicle details.

Numerous reasons are there why Kenya Revenue Authority KRA and NTSA motor vehicle authority insist on checking the registration status of a car before changing the ownership. Minus a proper vehicle search, a buyer can easily become scammed and conned a lump sum. Doing Online search is helpful in finding out what is mainly contained in the database of the registrar of a motor vehicle and about the car. This process also confirms the contents of the NTSA logbook search as an accurate replica of the official database. Motor Vehicle details accessed during the vehicle search process has dramatically minimized cases of vehicle theft and improper identity.

Check Vehicle Registration Status Online

The National Traffic safety administration recently unveiled an array of SMS codes for accessing instant services to their clients. A couple of the services include;

  • Inspection Details for Motor Vehicle
  • Driving license status
  • License for PSVs in night travel
  • Road Service License Details

All the above functions can now be obtained by composing a designated message to the code 22846. With others, these new services are mainly aimed to bring about efficiency in the transport sector and cut on the huddles being experienced in the industry. The NTSA/KRA mVERIFIED service now accessed through phone applications and desktops has brought about positive changes to the process. Users can confirm logbooks more conveniently from the platform.


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