Raila handshake with Uhuru
Political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday revealed that the handshake with President
Uhuru Kenyatta made National Super Alliance (NASA) Raila Odinga more powerful as it was the equivalent of a blank cheque.
In his weekly show the Fifth Estate , the professor and his team from Fort Hall School of Government opined that the handshake was a clever ploy by the NASA leader to outsmart Uhuru by making demands in the long run.

“He went to the meeting without an agenda and left with no deal. This was a clever ploy as he left with a blank cheque to claim anything.
“He will come to say Uhuru promised things they never even discussed including the presidency. The burden of denying these wild claims will fall on Uhuru,” Prof Ngunyi conveyed.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga
That, he added, was the problem of a having a handshake without a concrete deal in place.
Ngunyi further stated that Deputy President
William Ruto was the right man to deal with Raila as he was trained with Mzee Moi on how to do that.
The team stated that when the 2022 election cycle came around, DP Ruto would do exactly that
“Raila is just a suspicious obstacle to Ruto’s vision. He should remain focus on the ultimate goal which the presidency,” the team stated.
On another note, the analysts added that Raila was responsible for the Kalenjin Gema dominance by default and now, he was in a position to undo it.
“Jubilee and ODM MPs constitute 238 MPs in the assembly and all you need for constitutional change is 232 members.Article 255 allows them to create the position of Prime Minister and two deputies,” the team explained.


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