Flair by betty

Singer Diamond Platnumz young stepfather Rally Jones has been accused of plucking fruits from another man’s garden.

Rumours indicate the soft-spoken chap has been exchanging questionable texts with an unnamed woman suggesting the two could be sharing the forbidden fruit.

Going by the Global Publishers, Rally has on many occasions sent endearing messages and eyebrow-raising videos to his said lover.

When the other woman was contacted, she claimed her phone was stolen and therefore the person flirting with Rally is the thief.

“Listen, my hone was stolen and maybe the person chatting with the lover to Diamond’s mum is a thief. I do not remember chatting with that man and even if I did, is he not a man like any other?” she said.

While Diamond’s mother, Sandra’s, lover was questioned, he denied the cheating claims adding he was not the type of man to just chat with random women.

” I have never chatted with random women. If you have that woman’s contacts send them to me then I will answer your question,” Rally said.

Before tying the knot with Sandra, he was accused of abandoning his wife and running into the arms of the wealthy, sassy grandma.


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