Reverend Lucy Natasha is the originator and overseer of Prophetic latter glory Ministries International a popular interdenominational outreach ministry that holds revivals, conferences, and workshops. She is much sought after convention speaker and has been a guest lecturer in various national and also international Christian conventions.

Reverend pastor Lucy Natasha is one of the most influential and prominent young preachers to arise from the continent of Africa in the recent years. Reverend Lucy Natasha’s deep perspicacity into God’s word and the uniqueness of her ministry appeals to different groups of people from all walks of life and is changing many people’s lives.

The controversial Reverend lucy Natasha is additionally a celebrated author of highly sought after books such as Touching heaven through prayer, 7 Keys to Success, Every problem has an expiry date and Characteristics of a God Leading Lady with thousands of their copies in international distribution.


A single mother raised reverend lucy Natasha after her parents divorced. She is the first born in a household of three, a sister named Shiphra and a brother called Shafique. Reverend Lucy Natasha grew up in Huruma area, Eastlands and schooled in Umoja area before going for further higher studies in South Africa. Lucy is a public relations and theology graduate.

Lucy Natasha

lucy Natasha age

Rev Lucy Natasha date of birth is 24th of July.

Lucy Natasha books

  • Seven Keys to Success
  • Touching Heaven through Prayer
  • Every Problem Has Expiry Date
  • Characteristics of God’s Leading Lady
  • Before You Say ‘I Do’

Lucy Natasha contacts

The Reverend can be contacted via her social media handles including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reverend Lucy Natasha Ministry

Reverend Lucy natasha journey to the ministry began when a preacher predicted that a prophet would arise from her family. The evangelist chose her, pointed at her upon which her stammering ended. She was 10 years old when this occurred.

The prediction then came to pass when she was ordained back in 2011 at Huruma’s Redeemed Gospel Church. She has taken her testament to places like Malawi, Nigeria, Doha-Qatar, Leicester, Birmingham-United Kingdom, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda among other regions.

Reverend Lucy Natasha’s grandmother was likewise a pastor during her days and her mother is also an ordained Reverend.


Reverend Lucy Natasha is still single but says she would love to have a good family in the near future, we don’t know when. She believes that God gives the best life partners. This is what Natasha had to say about the character of the man she would wish to have.

“I would like to marry a guy after God’s own heart; one that will be my genuine best friend and is sincere. I have no those stipulations like he has to be a preacher like me, or in the corporate world or business.”



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