Safaricom home fibre payment

Safaricom home fibre packages are categorized based on their speed and prices. The Safaricom home fibre removes the need to use other means so you can be comfortable even during severe weather conditions affecting your browsing speed. The Safaricom home fibre packages are grouped into four categories from bronze, silver, gold to platinum. Below are the current Safaricom home fibre packages with a maximum validity period of one month:

  1. Bronze package has a speed of 5 MBPS and a monthly subscription fee of Ksh 2,500. Having this bundle, you can appreciate Basic web surfing, direct speed music and film downloads, Email, Social Media and Standard Definition (SD) video.
  2. Silver package has a speed of 10 MBPS and a monthly subscription fee of Ksh 3,499. With the silver bundle, you will get to web surfing, email, boundless web utilization and you’ll have the capacity to stream on YouTube and download music and motion pictures.
  3. While bronze and silver bundles empower you to observe just SD recordings, with the Gold package which has a speed of 20 MBPS and cost ksh 4,999 every month you will have the capacity to get to High Definition Music, recordings, and films. Another impressive preferred standpoint of the silver bundle is that with the high web speed you can undoubtedly wander into e-learning without experiencing any buffering issues.
  4. Platinum package has a speed of 40 MBPS, and expenses ksh 9,999 enable you to run different exercises, wander into any online course and stream any ultra-top quality substance. When you pay for this month to month bundle, you can likewise introduce HD video reconnaissance to help security in your home.

Safaricom home fibre connection process

Safaricom fibre home internet connection process is fast and easy. It involves sending a message to 400 with the word ‘Fibre’, and a Safaricom sales team will call you. The team will then ask for your personal details like full name, ID number, email address, house number and the package you are interested in. You will then receive an SMS with an account number for making payments. Within completion of the required fee, you will receive another SMS telling you when the installer will arrive at your house. The technical team will arrive at your home within two days.

Safaricom fibre to home coverage

To confirm if your home is situated in an area with Safaricom home fibre all you have to do is dial *400#. Next, choose the option that says Get Safaricom Home fibre, then key in the name of your town then your estate name and finally your nearest landmark. Safaricom customer care team will then call you shortly. You can also check your area via the Safaricom official website.

Safaricom home fibre review

Safaricom home fiber survey has been all along positive with most affirming that the transfer and download speeds are reliable. Also, when they are low, the Safaricom group rush to react and correct the issue. To put it plainly, they give client esteem for their cash. Whichever speed you pick will be steady consistently, and the bundles are classified by the sum so you can pick what fits your financial plan.

Their supporters likewise say that Safaricom fibre to the home is speedier, more solid and has consistent transfer and download speeds than other accessible web suppliers. While the Safaricom home fibre benefit is accessible in particular urban areas, for example, Nairobi, Mombasa and Nanyuki, amid the establishment Safaricom will furnish you with a switch for nothing, the establishment is likewise free, and you’ll be associated inside 48 hours.

How to register for Safaricom home fibre

So long as you verify that your residential area has Safaricom fibre to home coverage, the next step is to register so that you can get the internet package that you want. For the registration process, you will be required to fill an application form and attach a copy of your ID or passport. Safaricom team will provide you with an account number whereby you will use make payments. After payment confirmation, you will receive an SMS with your Wi-Fi password and username which you will use to connect all your devices.

How to pay or renew your package

You can renew or pay for Safaricom home fibre via two methods: by visiting their nearest retail shop or at the comfort of your home using via Mpesa. The Safaricom home fibre payment via Mpesa payment method is the most preferred since a majority of the population send, receive money and make various payments using Mpesa. A good number of days before the package expiry, Safaricom customer service will make you aware of the expiry date through an SMS. Below is a comprehensive procedure on how existing customers can renew and pay for their internet subscription using Mpesa.

  1. On your device dial *400#
  2. Press your Safaricom fibre home service pin
  3. Choose renew subscription
  4. Enter your account number
  5. Make and confirm payment

How to upgrade your current Safaricom home fibre

Subscribers can easily upgrade to a new Safaricom fibre home internet package if they feel that they need more internet speed. Here is how to upgrade your current Safaricom home fibre:

  1. Dial *400#
  2. Choose the option that says change subscription
  3. Select the service package that you prefer
  4. Pay and see the automatic upgrade

How to terminate Safaricom home fibre service

In the event that you are travelling far or have less use for the Safaricom home fibre, then you can easily terminate your subscription by sending an email with your registration details to Safaricom and explain to them why you are interested to stop the service.