Safaricom is the foremost mobile network acknowledgements to its groundbreaking stocks, products and services that are implanted into Kenya’s telecommunications industry.

Safaricom’s self-care lets users the capability to manage their Safaricom account online, improving their customer’s level of efficiency and ease of convenience.

This in-depth article will lead you through how to register for Safaricom self-care and get the most from this incredible online innovation.

Please read it and learn all about Safaricom self-care!

Safaricom Selfcare Forgot password, registration,contacts
Safaricom self-care enables you to manage your Mpesa account

Why Should Use Safaricom Self-care

This wonderful Safaricom app enables you to receive your billing statement as well as other Safaricom services and products.

Safaricom self-care can be reached online on the Safaricom website ‘’

‘my Safaricom’ account features are accessible online via Safaricom self-care.

Related to my Safaricom app, it gives you the capacity to manage your Mpesa account.

With Safaricom self-care, it is possible to download your Mpesa statement online by accessing Safaricom self-care.

Safaricom Selfcare Registration Types

There are three types of registration;

  1. Individual registration
  2. Corporate registration
  3. Non-safaricom registration

Safaricom Selfcare Registration Steps

Following completing the necessary steps given below, you should be able to access your account through the Safaricom log in.

  1. Type in the URL
  2. Click on self-care
  3. Choose the kind of registration you would like to do,
  4. Select individual if it’s for your personal use
  5. Type in your mobile number and username
  6. Agree to the terms and condition and an activation number will be sent to your phone.
  7. Enter the activation number and the process is complete.

Safaricom portal login requests for the same username and password you filled in during registration so be sure not to forget it.

The Safaricom customer care online chat has been created to cater to the needs of any users experiencing technical issues and difficulties in any of the products and services.

Safaricom Self-care: Mpesa Statement Online

Safaricom Self-care

The M-Pesa account management which is the focus feature in the Safaricom self-care portal allows you tack your Mpesa transactions and charges for the last Six months. You get to pick the kind of operation you want to see history about, i.e. Deposit, Send (Sent money) and Withdraw.

Self-care Safaricom – Mpesa Statement Download

The M-Pesa report will show the MpesaTransaction ID, Date, Sender Mobile number, M-Pesa agent transaction was carried out at an amount. You can download the statement.

www. – Safaricom Selfcare Login

For more information on Safaricom self-care, login to the website here:

Safaricom SelfCare Contacts

  1. You can use live chat on the portal
  2. Postpaid number: 200
  3. Prepaid Number: 100

As you can see the steps to register are pretty straightforward given you have an active Safaricom line and your details, after which you will be able to use self-care.

Try it out and make your life easier!

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