Sefu Loan App review-Is it legit?

Kenya is a fast-rising economic hub. This has brought about about the emergence of several businesses in the country, some with good faith while others…well, I don’t know. In this post, we will talk a little bit about the Sefu Loan app. Please read this to the end before making a decision.

About sefu Loans

Sefu loan is a finance company that was established barely a month ago, going by the date of publishing their app in various platforms like the Google play store and APK monk. Here is what they say about themselves(the company):

1-At Sefu, we care about your future dream for financial freedom. Our main vision is to see your enterprise thrive and reach its best of quality, overcoming the common financial barriers.

2-We are always here because of you and your business. At Sefu, we provide instant financial assistance through your smartphone, mindless of your economic history. This reduces documentation to increase reliability.

3-By using the Sefu app, you are able to enjoy pocket-friendly interest rates. Our chief purpose is to see you through this hard economic time using our fast and reliable loaning mobile application

But, is this really true? We investigated to find out.

Is Sefu loan App safe and legit?

The short answer is NO.

We have a couple of reasons to believe so. Upon registration, the app will ask you to send the company a “commitment” fee of Ksh 300. While this may sound legit, what follows is really not as it should be. The company will send you about Ksh200 as a loan which is repayable at Ksh276. as you can see, this is kinda funny. In their advert on Facebook, they claim to be giving a first-time loan of Ksh500 which is not the case.

Sefu loan application

Upon further investigation, we realized that the so-called Sefu is connected to another app called Tajika. They both have the same description, same design, only the color, and name is different. The 2 apps are then registered to the Google play store as 2 different companies which makes it even more scammy.

Tajika loan app

If you want to know that the company is a scam, you will also see on their profiles on Facebook, some random profiles claiming to have received random big loans like Ksh10,000, 70,000 etc.

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Sefu loan contacts

If you have a problem with these guys, you can contact them on :

Phone: +254 748567552




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