Senti Loan App download, application and contacts

There are several loan apps in Kenya with the leading being Tala, Branch, and Okash. The finance market, particularly in mobile loan services, is booming, and more businesses are set up. Today we will tell you about the senti loan app. How to register to senti, get a loan, how to repay senti loan and also senti loan contacts including phone number and email.

What is Senti Loan?

SENTI Kenya is a microfinance mobile app that makes it accessible for people in Kenya to obtain a simple loan, anytime, anywhere within the country. Complete the senti loan application process in just a matter of seconds and then receive your credit straight into your mobile money account like Mpesa. SENTI is more like a little bank in your pocket, and they are always there for you whenever you need something to touch in your pockets.

How to Register for senti Loan

To begin with, for you to register, you must download the official senti loan App from the Google play store. It is simple, just click on google play app, search for senti loan then click Install button. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you’ll be asked to select the email address that will be used and then from there on just follow some few steps until you set your unique password(don’t share your password with anyone).

Senti Loan Limits

The minimum amount of money that you can borrow is Ks1500, which is in the category of Bronze, and the maximum amount is then dependent on your credit score. Credit limit or score is the maximum amount of credit/loan you qualify to obtain calculated based on how much money you borrow through your account and how long you repay.

Here are the limits for senti loan

Bronze: In this category, you can borrow from Ksh1500 to Ksh4900. It is the first category for new users.

silver: Silver members can borrow from Ksh5000 to Ksh9900, your credit score should be positive to qualify.

Gold: In this category, you qualify for a loan limit between Ksh10,000 and Ksh 14,900. It is ideal for small businesses.

Platinum: This is the highest loan limit in senti. You can borrow anywhere between Ksh15,000 to Ksh20,000 provided you have a positive credit score.

Senti Loan qualifications

  • You must not be on CRB record
  • You should have a positive credit score

Loan Waiting time

Currently, to process your senti loans, it takes less than just 24 hours. Nevertheless, on average senti app process loans in less than 3 hours and the mechanism to decrease the process to a few minutes is currently underway as they grow larger.

How much to pay back(Interest rates)

You will be expected to pay the total amount borrowed, including the interest rate charged. All payable within a period of 30 days from the day of your loan disbursement.

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How to repay senti loan

There are two options for you:

  • You may pay on the scheduled date by clicking on the “Pay ****” button on the SENTI loan app.
  • Pay in small installments before the scheduled date, through the Senti Paybill number 517910.

Why Your senti loan may be disapproved

  • You borrow money above your credit limit,
  • You have an existing active loan with SENTI
  • You are At the moment or previously been listed with CRB for a defaulted loan with any institution.
  • You currently don’t fit the full requirements
  • SENTI has the liberty to decline a loan at its own discretion.

Senti Loan contacts

If you have any questions, please use these senti contacts to reach the support team.

Phone: 0712517910



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