Male single musicians

At the point when Bien-Aime presented his hot Nigerian sweetheart, I cried a waterway cause my fantasies of us consistently having a thing or even an excursion was closed totally. At that point took after Bahati; presenting his new child mom, Diana Marua relatively smashed me however I kept solid reason Nick Mutuma, the enchanting of all was not taken yet. As of not long ago

Male single musicians

when I discovered that he is as of now a father to one quite little holy messenger and I felt there is no promising finish to the present course of action. I know tuko weng huko njee. Be that as it may, similar to they say, there is something for everybody. 2018 is by all accounts that year that big names simply need to get pregnant and get ready for marriage, aside from somewhere in the range of few. Here are a portion of the hot male famous people that are not yet off the market.

1.Otile Brown.

This calm Kenyan adaptation of John Legend is every one of the a young lady would ever request from the divine beings. He is a full bundle, a provocative body, darker skin, a sultry voice, and a skill for mold. Otile is making moves in the Kenyan music industry, and he is procuring his legitimate position. I haven’t seen him display a young lady around like the rest do. Women, he is up for gets.


2. Kagwe Mungai.

He is your run of the mill terrible kid, the one that your mum cautions you against yet despite everything you simply ahead and move with, on the grounds that he has you enchanted a decent one. He is a renegade with regards to music and mold. He certainly is that compose you wanna ride with for whatever is left of your life as he profits moves on account of his inventiveness presentation and associations.

3. Nyashinski.

In the event that you haven’t really liked this unbelievable rapper cum artist, I recommend you slither back to that dull opening you originated from. He is that Mr. Right you long for running into sometime in the future. The way he whips his locks forward and backward while rapping influences me to need to get a projectile for him. I trust when I’m prepared to settle, he will be as well.


It’s been a while since I kept running into a vocalist so fine that I’d stay there and hear him out sing the entire time. He is one bubbly and vivacious individual sending positive vibes to his steadfast fans through his tunes. On the off chance that you’ve never felt weak at the knees over reggae, his energy will change over you into one major fan for this classification. I implore he finds a flawless match sometime in the future.

5. Pascal Tokodi.

He is one multitalented individual who has everything. A voice that could influence you to undermine your life partner, immediately, and looks that could spellbind you. The way he sings about adoration could influence you to place yourself in the photo to finish it. Ooh, and he is one great performing artist. So characteristic, so dazzling, so genuine, so lively.


6. Savara Mudigi.

Who doesn’t love six pack, dull composition, and a person overflowing certainty from make a beeline for toe like Spartacus? Savara is that one person who’d influence you to sever your engagement for good with your man to be. What’s more, that solid masculine voice could just tempt you past points of confinement.

7. Willy Paul

His affection for yellow baes can’t be disparaged. This gospel awful kid is yet to follow in the strides of his kindred gospel specialists like Bahati and Mr.Seed. I wager he is as yet asking his mirror on the divider who is the most attractive of those rangi ya thao darlings he adores to connect with.

8. Dark colored Mauzo

This beach front based artiste is another beautiful sight that has been giving women restless evenings.


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