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Size 8 Biography

Size 8 genuine name is Linet Masiro Munyali, she was conceived on 4 August 1987. Size 8 is a vocalist, lyricist and actresswho changed from mainstream music to gospel music, known for the most part for her hit “Mateke”. Previously a mainstream craftsman, Size 8 is known for her singles “Shamba Boy” and “Moto”. In April 2013, she affirmed that she was conceived again by discharging her first and widely praised gospel single “Mateke”. As a performer she is most prominent for depicting a part in lawful comic drama Mashtaka.

Size 8 Early Life

Size 8 was brought up in Maringo Estate in Nairobi. She is the 6th conceived of six different kin to Samuel Kirui Munyali, an Ugandan and Esther Njeri, a Kenyan were the two individuals from the ministry. She went to Dr.Livingstone Primary School where she beat in her class in the KCPE. In her secondary school, she got a grant in State House Girls.

Size 8 Musical Career

Size 8 was found by Clemo, a Kenyan maker and fellow benefactor of Calif Records, when she tried out locally and later marked on the Record name. She discharged “Shamba Boy”, “Silali” and “Vidonge”.

As of April 2013, she affirmed to have traversed to the gospel music industry, having been conceived once more, and in this manner discharging her first single “Mateke”. She has discharged others like “Moto”, “Yuko na Wewe”, “Jemedari” , “Afadhali Yesu” and most as of late “Pale”

Size 8 Family and Husband

Size 8 is married to Samwel Muraya, generally known as DJ Mo, a plate maneuver in September 2013.


Together they have a little girl Ladasha Belle Muraya, conceived in 19 November 2015.

Her mom, Esther Njeri Munyali,died of Kidney related disease, a day after she brought forth her first girl.

Linet Munyali – Size 8 AWARDS

Score awards– Video of the Year – Mateke (2014)

Furrow grants Female craftsman of the Year (2014)

Score awards– Song of the Year – Mateke (2014)

Size 8 – Linet Munyali Interview.

In only three years you have moved from close to zero to being a mogul, how did that happen?

Indeed, even despite everything I don’t trust that. It’s God’s work and diligent work set up together.

What amount would you say you are worth right at this point?

I don’t know yet, and I have never figured.

Alright, a year ago was your best. You had a Safaricom Live contract, you facilitated Sakata move appear, had a few TV ads, acted in ‘Mheshimiwa’ TV arrangement and your music was bursting the wireless transmissions.

That was altogether arranged incidentally. I needed to be the primary Kenyan performer to be on TV a similar time the most. You switch on your TV and discover a ‘Bonyeza Ushinde’ advert I have done, at that point my music plays in a music appear, at that point see me acting and host a show on various events, and it was flawless seeing that work extremely well.

I figure all that converted into money. What amount of cash did you make a year ago?

In case I’m to figure for a half year just up to December, I made about Sh7 million.

What have you accomplished with that sort of cash?

Ventures all over, 10 percent as tithe, and I’m going to begin a kids’ home with a companion Eddy Gicheru Oketch, in Nyanza.

When did you begin earning that sort of cash?

When I settled on a choice to raise my execution charge. I used to charge next to no money to perform yet when I understood how intense I was as an artist, I chose to exploit that.

Who or what do you owe your prosperity to?

Other than God, there is Clemmo of Calif records, who gave me a stage to record music when I was zero. I additionally buckle down and acknowledge everybody who underpins me and my music, particularly my family.

I thought you dropped out with Calif and you exceeded expectations?

Indeed, Calif administration group, however not Clemmo to be particular. He is as yet a decent companion.

Now and again you dress skimpily while in front of an audience, is your family affirm with that?

Amusing, my mom observes every one of my exhibitions and recordings on TV. She is my greatest faultfinder. She doesn’t worry about me wearing miniskirts or dresses, however when one looks awful, she generally brings up out.

It’s crusade season, for what reason haven’t you embraced any political gathering like huge numbers of your companions?

Since I need peace in this nation. Governmental issues and lawmakers travel every which way, however without peace, the basic mwananchi will endure and Kenyans have witnessed that previously.

Legislators are as of now attracting artists with lucrative arrangements as long as they underwrite and perform in their battles. Wouldn’t you say you are missing out?

Similar lawmakers from various camps have called me as well. I have declined every one of their offers and it’s the decision I have made. I have given every single presidential hopeful one condition that I will show up in every one of their arouses in the event that they guarantee to lecture peace with me in front of an audience.

Every single applicant?

Indeed, without picking sides, every last presidential hopeful.

What’s your conclusion on those artistes who have just supported government officials and their gatherings?

I can’t pass judgment on them on the grounds that each individual has their own particular explanation behind doing what they do. Be that as it may, I would disclose to them a certain something, while there, please lecture peace.

We have seen global performers like Jay-Z and Beyonce embrace a presidential hopeful like Obama. What do you say in regards to that?

America’s legislative issues is more develop contrasted with Kenya’s. Here, we picked clans not improvement.

Why are you so fixated on this peace issue? Furthermore, what is peace as indicated by you?

In the first place, peace resembles this ripe land for development, one that can influence the difficult to be conceivable. I was influenced amid the 2007-2008 post survey brutality when I lost companions and lived in fear each day. I would prefer not to encounter a rehash of that.

So what precisely would you say you are doing about it?

I am working with similarly invested individuals and associations. I have been attempting to deliberately get to the grassroots and enlist a few peace diplomats the nation over.

How does that work?

The peace diplomats will lecture peace inside their groups and stop any type of savagery or distress that may deface the nation particularly amid these delicate race times.

Is it true that you are doing it all alone or there are individuals helping you?

I am attempting to prepare a few performers and other showbiz partners to join my drive.

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