Steps of How to become a pilot in Kenya-requirements and qualification

How to become a pilot in Kenya

The first job that came into many young Kenyans’ minds was to one day become a pilot. Their dreams flew away by constraints like fee requirements as well as qualifications of becoming a pilot in Kenya.

We will focus on how to become a pilot in Kenya as well as their salaries in this post.First,you have to be a good student in Mathematics and Physics.These are the cornerstone subjects of any aspiring pilot worldwide.We already took a look at some of the aviation schools in Kenya.

Aviation schooling is quite expensive and you might need a sponsorship to achieve your goals.Kenya school of Aviation,which is one of the best aviation school in Kenya for instance requires an average of Ksh2.3 million for a complete Aviation course.Well,let us look at what that 2.3M plus covers;

  • KAA Certificates
  • Flight tickets
  • Exams
  • Flight tests
  • Flight training
  • Accomodation

That is just a rough estimate of Kenya school of Aviation.Thereafter you will consider joining KCAA where you will get a new phase of fee structure that adds up to over 3M Kenya shillings.Additionally,you can consider joining other aviation schools that we earlier focused on and you may save the costs.

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Salary of Pilots in Kenya

We already saw how expensive aviation courses are,well it is worth paying for at the end you will reap heavily.A junior pilot in Kenya is paid around Ksh200,000 per month while a senior pilot,ofcourse pilots have ranks,earn Ksh 1 Million plus monthly.That is able to return back the school fee that you used.

Requirements to join Aviation school in Kenya

There are certain things that you must meet in order to enrol into an Aviation school in Kenya and become a pilot.

  • C+ Score in mathematics and other sciences
  • Age of 16 Years or above
  • At least 6 of Your most recent Passport photos
  • Must be medically assessed by an Aviation medical specialist

So when you want to become a pilot in Kenya,you know what it takes to be one.Work hard and achieve your dreams,it is never too late to start the journey.


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  1. Am Hassan Mohamed Hassan.i completed my secondary school this year and attained a mean grade of C plus with C plain in Maths and English. Can i be a pilot? urgent reply highly appreciated

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