Taj Mall set for Demolition as government revokes title deed

Taj Mall airgate centre

Airgate Centre, formerly Taj Mall,is now booked for demolition after the National Land Commission (NLC) revoked title deed of the land on which the multi-million building is based.

The NLC clarified the land, situated at the North Airport Road at the junction of Outering Road, had been acquired by the government for the purpose of road expansion in 1960.

In a statement seen by exposeke.com on Monday, September 3, NLC also rubbished reports that it had upheld tittles for Taj Mall LR 209/13938.

“NLC received a complaint on June 14, 2013, from Kenya Urban Roads Authority about the legality or propriety of LR 209/13938. The Authority (Kura) stated the road corridor from North Airport Road to Ngong River was acquired by the government in 1960, and the road survey was done in 1966.

“The portion LR 209/13938 was acquired for construction of Outering Road vide Gazette Notice No.1105 of 30th April 1971,” read a statement sent to newsrooms days after notice for demolition of the building expired.

The government had on August 16, 2018, issued a public notice ordering the building’s owner, Ramesh Gorasia, and his tenants to vacate before August 30

The notice had indicated the mall had encroached on a road reserve and was hindering further construction and design of the Outering Road.

“The owners and/or developers are asked to remove this illegal development before August 30, 2018. The occupants are asked to immediately vacate the building prior to the expiry of the notice,” the notice read in part.

As of September 3, exposeke.com confirmed the mall was still standing tall despite the directive for its demolition and even after the building’s owner dared the government to bring it down.

Gorasia, on August 16 accused the government of frustrating investors in the country through the ongoing demolitions.

The businessman told the authorities to proceed with the demolition of his mall at their own risk and not to spare any part of the targeted building.

“If you want to demolish the building, go ahead, I don’t care. But If you have to demolish come and demolish it completely, don’t come and demolish it partly. If you don’t have money to clear it off please don’t try to demolish it,” said Gorasia.

Revocation of the property’s title deed has however changed things as it means Gorasia was no longer its owner.

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