Tala contacts: phone number,customer care & email address

Tala contacts
Tala contacts

Several people have been trying to get in touch with Tala loan Kenya providers (which were formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi) in vain. This particular post is designed to help solve this puzzle. We will share with you Tala contacts so that you can have an easy time when contacting your favourite mobile application loan provider in Kenya.

Now that we are in the smartphones era, everything in Kenya has become much more straightforward and more manageable. We have the power of almost everything we need in our hands. From hailing a cab to food delivery when you want to connect with family and friends, and also in case of collecting financial support. In general, you can do all this through your smartphone.

Tala Kenya loan mobile app stands out when it comes to providing instant loan services. They have helped many Kenyans to handle their financial hurdles via their quick loans transferred to clients through Mpesa. Have you tried to get their services? What you need to do is download their mobile application and get started.

Tala Mkopo Rahisi contacts

Have you been querying how you can get Tala customer care contacts? Sometimes you may need human assistance from Tala, and so you’ll require Tala telephone contacts. We have conducted research and found several ways of contacting them.

However, first, you need to understand that Tala works remotely; the only way you can get in touch with them is via your mobile phone or the internet. You can’t visit them the same way you go to the bank. So, you require contacts of Tala.

Their administrators are regularly available and will offer assistance if you need support or have questions. This is done through the mobile app, email, SMS, and social media. Let’s break this message down so you can get Tala branch contacts.

1.Tala mobile app

Once you enter the application, you will see send us a message or View FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at the bottom. Now Scroll to that part, and you will see a place where you are invited to contact them or else use Tala loan app Kenya contacts that we have split down here.


In case you have questions or need any support, you can always send them an SMS to 21991.


Sending an email to Tala is easy. Open your email app and send them an email at hellokenya@talamobile.com.

4.Social media handles

Tala’s social media pages are active. If you are on Facebook, open their official page Tala Kenya, and send the message from the message feature. If you are on Twitter, start by following Tala Kenya Loans on @tala_KE. You can then send a Straight Message.

Company services

Tala gives quick, low-interest rate mobile loans to unbanked Kenyans. All that you will need to access this loan is an Android Smartphone compatible with the tala loan app. With the provided Tala loan contacts, you can contact customer service in case you get stuck in installing and using the app.

So these are the Tala contacts you can use if you have complains or queries.

To share with us anything Whatsapp or text on 0713457481 or email exposeke.com@gmail.com

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