Tallest Buildings and towers in Kenya and their heights

Old Mutual tower

Nairobi is Africa’s fastest-growing economies and this calls for Rapid development in terms of housing and accommodation of all kinds.This pressure has led to the development of some of the tallest towers in the country. Here we compiled the list of the tallest buildings in Kenya as of 2019 with the top spot going to Britam Towers which is also the leading building in Africa.

No.BuildingHeight in FeetNumber of FloorsYear CompletedPhoto
1.Britam Tower Nbi200 m (660 ft)32 in 2017
2. Old Mutual Tower163 m (535 ft)33in 2015
3.Times Tower140 m (460 ft)34in 2000
4.Le Mac126 m (413 ft)30in 2016
5.Teleposta Towers120 m (390 ft)27in 2000
6.KICC105 m (344 ft)28in 1974
7.NSSF Building103 m (338 ft)28in the1990s
8.KCB Plaza100 m (330 ft)24in 2013
9.I&M Bank Tower99.1 m (325 ft)18in 2001
10.Nyayo House84 m (276 ft)27in 1982
11.Coop Bank House83 m (272 ft)25in 1981
12.Hazina Towers81 m (266 ft)24N/A
13.National Bank House82 m (269 ft)21in 1976
14.Rahimtulla Tower80 m (260 ft)18in 1999
15.Anniversary Towers80 m (260 ft)26in 1992
16.Lonrho House80 m (260 ft)22in 1990
17.Reinsurance Plaza
77 m (253 ft)20in 1982
18.AmBank House75 m (246 ft)22
19.Delta Corner Tower A
75 m (246 ft)18in 2012
20.Delta Corner Tower B
75 m (246 ft)21in 2012
21.Uchumi House
71 m (233 ft)21in 1972
22.ICEA Building69.9 m (229 ft)19in 1981
23.View Park Towers68 m (223 ft)20
24.International House65.53 m (215.0 ft)17in 1971



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