Tanzanian based veteran singer Ray C has decided to take a bold step by revealing her HIV state after years of being rumoured to be on a downwards health spiral.

The Uko Wapi vocalist who has made a striking comeback to the limelight had a burning seven years where she was heavily hooked to substance abuse.

At some time in her darker years, there were rumours the singer was sick after her photos emerged where she was looking dilapidated and emaciated.

Though with the intervention of the then Tanzania president Jokaya Kikwete, Ray C managed to get guidance in rehab, and she was able to make a full recovery.

Tanzanian musician Ray C shares her HIV status with the world,bikenya.com

This, nevertheless, did not take away the rumours that she was terminally ill but all the gossip is set to be put to rest after she revealed she was HIV negative.

Through an Instagram post seen by Bikenya.com, Ray C was elated as she shared an HIV test kit with the results.

“Nakuhamasisha wewe unaekiangalia hiki kiduduwasha maana kidogo lakini nakiheshimu sana.!!!Alhamdulillah#Hivawareness (I am informing you who is watching this thing because it is small but I respect it a lot. Alhamdulillah#Hivawareness),” she said in that post.

Ray C joins the increasing list of celebrities with a ‘reputation’ of publicising their HIV status as a way of growing awareness of the disease.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika was the most recent to show off her clean bill of health alongside roller coaster lover, Otile Brown.


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