Tanzanian popular songstress Nandy has for the first time put to rest allegations she is sleeping with Hallelujah hitmaker, Willy Paul.

The musician freshly distanced herself from the singer and strongly held her lover, or instead hubby is not even around.

While Commenting on an Instagram post shared by a Tanzanian online gossip page that had posted a photo of Willy Paul with another lady and labeled him as her lover, Nandy stated her handsome is not on earth, referring to her late lover Ruge Mutahaba.

With her comment, the musician diluted all claims she is dating Willy Paul and confirmed indeed she was in a romantic relationship with the departed Clouds FM boss.

Nandy’s decision to distance herself from the controversial Kenyan gospel musician came days after the pair made headlines with their raunchy performances in Nairobi, Kenya and Sumbawanga, Tanzania.

The duo made everyone to believe that they were dating after performing bizarre moves on and off the stage.

The Rumours about their claimed relationship started after Willy Paul labelled themselves ”Mkunaji and Mkunwa”, names often used to refer to lovers.


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