As Taxify service is still commonly new to the Kenyan market sphere, various drivers are uncertain concerning Taxify Kenya requirements for becoming a driver with them. If you are curious about the Taxify Kenya jobs, then this comprehensive article is for you. Luckily, it isn’t as entangled manner as you would think and we go over the midpoints you should take to turn into a Taxify Kenya Nairobi driver adequately.

Taxify is a comprehensive transportation service company which works with the Taxify mobile application that can be downloaded in any smartphone. Taxify uses the same online design like their rival Uber or Little cabs transportation administrations. People can adopt the Taxify app to request for a taxi or a personal driver via their cell phone.

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Taxify fleet

Taxify company works in more than twenty countries globally and has interceded rides for more than 3 million customers this year alone.

South Africa was the very first African nation to start the transport app then Kenya stuck to this same model. Presently, Taxify has revealed its management in real towns in Kenya like Nairobi and Mombasa and has strategies to grow considerably more and work different big cats like Uber.

Taxify runs gleets and current taxi organisation drivers. Therefore, to become a Taxify driver, you ought to serve with an affiliation or an armada, or an organisation or association.

To be a Taxify driver in Kenya, you should meet the accompanying necessary Taxify Kenya requirements

Taxify Kenya Requirements for Drivers

  • A genuine National ID or Passport
  • An Android or iPhone Smartphone with GPS availability
  • A criminal particular verification that will be conducted by Taxify

Taxify Kenya requirements For Cars

  • For your application to be admitted, you must meet the following taxify Kenya vehicle specifications.
  • Vehicle Inspection Record (examination benefit available at our office. The statement must be less than three months old) – No provision for this if the vehicle has just been purchased.
  • Vehicle insurance protection certificate.

How to become a Taxify driver in Kenya

1. Give Vehicle Owner’s Identity

2. Give your driver’s consent (PSV)

3. Give a photo of your car, and it’s featured.

4. Give the endorsement of enrollment.

5. Provide a document to show that your vehicle was insured.

6. Attach a license to show you are allowed to make trade in the city.

Consequent to giving the above records, continue and complete the Taxify Kenya Nairobi registration and set up your record. Every last one of those required testaments ought to be sent to and a while following a successful affirmation as a driver, you have to undergo their training exercise before you are completely signed in as their driver.

How Long Does it Take?

Submitting your info takes only 5 minutes. After that, you will take a 30-minute training in their office. In a few metropolitan areas, they will acknowledge your request remotely once you provide them with all the necessary reports. Once you are confirmed, your account will be then activated. You can simply now download the taxify app and formally become a Taxify Driver.

The greatest thing about taxify Kenya careers is that taxify cares for its drivers like it does its customers. Moreover, you will simply have to pay a small percentage as commission for the company.

Taxify Kenya Contacts



Support & FAQ


Located Azure Towers, 2nd Floor, Lantana Road, Westlands


Mondays to Thursdays: 11am – 1pm


Mondays to Thursdays: 10am – 4pm, Fri – 10am – 2pm



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