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Today, football is complete coverage of all relevant football tournaments for the hard drive and short-term football events in all requested information formats. During the periods of the summer and winter transfer windows, the attention of visitors is offered by a specialized Transfer Center. As previously, in 2019, football news on livescores information, rankings, competition calendars, football results and player statistics are published and recalculated immediately after the duels end, and during matches, fans are invited to broadcast live football online. Where all transitions of players in major leagues in Europe are ordered by teams, all news and rumours about possible and realized transfers are submitted in due time.

Don’t forget the multimedia component: watch the post-game video surveillance and the photo reports – a favourite of fans who prefer the visual feed of the text. And the icing on the cake is Review and analysis documents from the portal journalists, allowing readers to get a deeper tactical analysis of the matches and food for long heated discussions in the commentary articles.

Livescores owns the information and  owns the world

In our era of total domination of information, the timely provision of fans with data on today’s online football matches is of exceptional importance, and livescores don’t stay away. The Direct broadcast of text and video will always give visitors to the portal the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening on the world’s football fields, to be the first to know the results of the draw, to enjoy the grand opening and closing ceremonies of the world’s largest and continental forums, and the awards of the world’s best athletes.


Better to see the results on livescores than to hear a hundred times. As you know, women love ears, and men and football fans-eyes. In 2019, football videos and photos, as well as the news and results of the duels, are key areas of football coverage. Multimedia on the portal represented by several sections:

  • allowing to display slice the best fascinating episodes of European top leagues clubs battles; 
  • the biggest tournaments of UEFA;
  • treat yourself to pictures of idols and entertain curious episodes of all corners of the planet, which is the sport number one.

The priority of the site is prompt and high-quality coverage of news on football topics, submission of exclusive interviews and analytical materials, online broadcast of all matches of the Ukrainian Premier League, leading European Championships, Champions League and Europa League without exception.




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