Top 10 best cars for Kenyan families

Top 10 best cars for Kenyan families

Searching for a family car is slightly trickier than searching for your first car. Having a family car, there are several things to consider such as the economy, safety, size, and reliability.
It is regarding finding a balance between utility, preference, and availability.

1. The Honda Civic

It is Sleek in its own right, and smooth driving experience, this apparently modest car will take charge of all the travel necessities that you and your family may have.

This car has a full windshield, which heightens the front view so that you can be able to view the area around you as you drive and have your family safe as you are likely to have unpleasant surprises. A multi-angle camera supports this for a clear rear view which will stop you from ramming into cars, walls or ditches as you engage the reverse gear.

Its boot is also pretty big, which will enable you to carry all your items around without bothering about having to leave some things behind so that you can create space. This car has a continuously shifting transmission which increases fuel economy, so your trips out of the town on weekends do not have to be uncertain due to the inconsistent cost of fuel.

This Honda Civic also has enough room for your whole family to move from to place without having to compress in. Lastly, it is packed up with advanced-technology characteristics which will help you stay safe and aware of your environment as you drive.

2. Honda CR-V

This is Another Honda on the list. This car has been throughout for quite some time, and it nevermore goes out of fashion. It has been a best-selling car in a lot of the markets it is in and for a good reason.

The car has ample space for you and all you children plus your pets and all the property you need for an all-family road trip. Its cabin is all hushed, so you can maintain your focus on the road and ears to the ground, to hear any strange noises which may mean that something is not right.

The most recent version is packed with extra safety features which include road and lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency brakes. To honour to its attractiveness, the Honda CR-V is quiet on city roads and unpaved roads as you head out of the city so you can use it for all your travel necessities.

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Top 10 best cars for Kenyan families,Honda CR-V

3. Subaru Outback

Frankly, Subarus in Kenya is often associated with young speed junkies. Despite all the bad rap, Subarus are great cars to cruise around in.

This Outback is an all-wheel car which provides it great ground-clearance capabilities which means that the yearly trip to shagz will not be trouble since, with this car, you will barely feel the impact of the unpaved roads. Furthermore, that trip to Maasai Mara will also not be stressful.

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Top 10 best cars for Kenyan families,Subaru Outback

The Outback has some cosy, comfortable seats for the whole family so your kids won’t keep complaining over being tired on long trips out of town. This car is low enough for your kids to leap in with no difficulty and store their belongings conveniently so you can start teaching them self-reliance early enough with this car. The boot space is also vast enough to accommodate your entire family’s belongings.

Lastly, the latest version of this car has automatic brakes for reverse parking so when you reverse, and someone abruptly jumps behind your vehicle, you will not knock them down.

4. Mazda 3

Style, smooth to drive, and remarkable fuel efficiency are just a few of the adjectives that can be applied to describe the Mazda 3.

This car has a mighty engine and cruise control which is uniform to drive and notably quiet. It is also affordable to sustain so you can put down all those anxieties about the cost of maintenance. It has also remained ranked as a highly dependable car so you can drive around without worrying about being let down.

The car’s steering is simple for enjoyable cruising but still seem alert. Its impressive suspension makes it an ideal vehicle for untarmac roads and roads full of potholes so you will not have to tire your family members due to poor road-connectivity.

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Top 10 best cars for Kenyan families,Mazda 3

5. The Volkswagen Golf

Earlier on in the year 2017, Volkswagen, over its South African arm started joining the Golf locally. This signifies that you can get your very own brand-new Golf right here in Kenya at an affordable price. However, apart from that, this car, with its space and capacity is an ideal family car.

This car has a plush lining for everyone’s comfort and is convenient to drive. With ample boot-space for your family’s needs, the Golf is perfect for trips out of town.

It is very cost-effective at the pump and has a good performance off-road as well, so you won’t have headaches on the average Kenyan roads outer towns.

6. Mazda CX-5

Sporty would be an excellent adjective to describe this car. Nevertheless, apart from this, the CX-5 looks and feels like it was designed with your family in mind.

Smooth and Spacious, this car is suitable for your family as you will all be pleased and can blend as a family as you drive about. The car’s safety is an added advantage as you do not want to be ferrying your family around in a vehicle that is not so dependable.

It has accurate and light steering which will keep you in control of the driving experience. Lastly, the car has sufficient suspension which makes every ride smooth, even if it is bumpy.

7. Hyundai Santa Fe

The best fit for your family! This car is a smooth combination of style and comfort, and its powerful engine is the cherry on the cake.

Santa Fe’s excellent safety features make it perfect for your family, as safety is a crucial feature for any family car. It is boosted with cruise control, a 360-degree camera for parking and a lane departure warning.

In addition to these features, the car has emergency braking systems to prevent you and your family from colliding with other vehicles, so accidents have been litigated on. The Santa Fe is an excellent car if you are big on safety, comfort, and class all in one.

8. Honda Odyssey

An excellent bargain for a minivan, the Odyssey, especially since it has three rows so you never have to worry an inch that your entire family may not fit in. Not like many cars with third rows, this Odyssey has adequate legroom for adults to sit in conveniently and enjoy the ride just like the rest of the family.

Fixed with a V6 engine, this car is the solution to the poor roads in most towns out of Kenya, and this provides the car lots of versatility. The plush seats make it excellent for long trips, and with ample room for people and trunks, this minivan is a great deal for the family-oriented person.

9. Toyota Prius

Hybrid cars are the in a thing, and the best part is that you do not have to jeopardise on comfort and style to get the best.

This car has exceptional fuel efficiency and continues to attract those who would rather have comfort but work within a budget. With ample legroom and increased boot space, this car will ferry you and your entire family around in comfort, all those items that all the family members would love to carry with them.

The VVTi Business Edition engine gives you high performance on any road, so reliability and safety are the least of your attention when using the Prius.

10. Honda Insight

Different Honda closes the list. Well, Honda has been nominated one of the best car brands in 2018, so it is no wonder that several cars would secure it to this list.

A crossed car with all the features of an ideal vehicle, the Insight has had a great year on Kenyan roads and for a good cause.

First, the Perspicacity has a plush yet large interior so your entire family will fit in conveniently whether you are on a road trip or are travelling to shagz for the holidays. The extended boot space is a great also, for those family weekends outta town where you all need to carry plenty of everything.

It is affordable to buy and sustain, which is precisely what you need when you have a family to take care of. It is sufficient to drive and has some exceptional navigation results.

When you feel enthusiastic to buy your family car, visit a site like Cheki to view new and used vehicles as well as compare prices and features you think are a priority for you and your family.

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