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Peter Gene Hernandez commonly known as Bruno Mars is an American vocalist, dancer, songwriter, record producer and an instrumentalist. The musician is known for performing in a wide range of musical genres such as hip-hop, RnB, rock, funk, reggae, soul and pop. Bruno Mars songs are cherished by many because of his display of great musical artistry and creativity.

In his profession, he has earned numerous honours including 3 Guinness World Records, 3 Brit Awards, 11 Grammy Awards, 8 Soul Train and 9 American Music Awards. His latest songs have increasingly made him gain international fame while broadening his career to become one of the all-time best-selling artists with worldwide record sales of over 130 million. The artist has not disappointed his fans as he continues to display his great musical artistry by releasing hit music. Here are 10 latest Bruno Mars songs.

1. Wake Up In The Sky – Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black

“Wake Up In The Sky” was released on September 14, 2018, on the digital music services while the release of its video was done on October 31, 2018. The song featured on Billboard Hot 100 at number 30 and the collaboration got to number 11 after its release. It also featured at the top of the Rhythmic chart for 3 weeks consecutively, being Bruno Mars’ 10th song to appear in the list. The song is an ode to the lavish life as the trio talk about the finer things in life, and also alcohol, and drugs. The song marks his first collaboration with Kodak and second collaboration with Gucci after “That’s What I Like” remix of Mars and Gucci.

2. Finesse -Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B

“Finesse” reloads the thrill of the early ‘90s with crackling drum beats. In this track, the singer showcases his talent through his voice and dance moves in both the song and its video with the help of upcoming American rapper Cardi B. Finesse started the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 35 upon its release on January 4, 2018, and had received acclaim. During the 35th MTV Video Music Awards, it won five nominations.

3. Chunky – Bruno Mars

This electrifying song was released on November 27, 2017, and features drum machines and synthesisers. “Chunky” reminds us of the ‘80s and ‘90s Blues. In the lyrics, it talks about sex and big sitting allowance. Upon its release, Chunky ranked top on UK and French Singles charts with an outstanding lyrical flow from Bruno Mars. Here is the video to this song.

4. Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

“Versace On The Floor” was released on June 12, 2017, possessing musical sounds of the 80s. He continues to display his extraordinary vocals in the song and with legit emotions. Another main feature of Versace On The Floor is its crucial change, which was a common characteristic in the past R&B songs of the 80s. Generally, the well-written song accompanied by his amazing vocals makes Versace stand out.

5. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

“That’s What I Like” became a success upon its release on January 30, 2017, whereby, it was ranked number 1 on US Billboard Hot 100. In that year, That’s What I Like made 9.7 million sales making it the 4th best selling single in the world. The sweet Bruno vocals together with the well-done animation and choreography made the song earn great recognition as it received various awards and nominations.

6. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars

The “24K Magic” funk was released on October 7, 2016. It talks about partying, glamour, and extravagant lifestyle whereby Bruno together with his bandmates are depicted to be having fun while partying in a Las Vegas casino. Mars utilises his synthetic vocals to electrify the flow of the song. In the 2018 60th Annual Grammy Awards, the song was awarded ‘Record of the Year’ and has also received several nominations.

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7. Perm – Bruno Mars

“Perm” is Bruno’s 3rd song in his album ‘24K Magic’, released on November 2016. It takes us back to the old school partying as he addresses the women. “Perm”, is a type of chemical applied to women’s hair to make it soft. In the song, Bruno wants his girl to look calm and sexy as she comes to the dance floor.

8. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

The powerful funk song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars stole the show in the international music charts upon its release becoming the number 1 hit in many people’s households. In the song, the duo delivers impressive vocals and choreography.

9. Gorilla – Bruno Mars

“Gorilla” was released on September 10, 2013, and was the first song in the album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’. The song ranked moderately on US Billboard Hot 100 upon its release at number 22 and number 62 on UK top singles hence, did not achieve much success as Bruno previous singles. The song’s explicit lyrics have made it gained extra attention.

10. Treasure – Bruno Mars

Released on May 10 2013, “Treasure” was the 3rd single in the album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’. In the song, Bruno Mars brings out the theme of the ‘80s. His ode serves the era including the stage lighting and choreography. The classic shiny outfits worn by the singer and his crew makes those who lived through the ‘80s to remember those times. He declares in the song that he loves his woman and that he treasures her.

Bruno Mars songs perfectly suit the ’80s and ’90s styles. He has continuously managed to be at the top in the music scene with his mastery of creative singing and dancing. At this rate, the talented Bruno Mars will become one of the artists that people will still praise in the future for his outstanding performances and creativity in his lyrics.


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