Top 10 most corrupt counties in Kenya 2018 rankings

most corrupt counties in Kenya

Corruption in Kenya is a menace and it has not only affected various parastatals or few individuals but also in counties.In a report by Eliud Wabukala led commission the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission,there are some counties in Kenya with worse corruption cases as compared to the rest of Kenya. The EACC conducted a survey in over 6000 households selected with a reasonable criteria and we can say that the results are accurate to some degree.

Tender seekers amounted to the highest number of corruption cases in Kenya followed closely by job seekers and those looking for examination remarking in various institutions.Here is the list of top 10 most corrupt counties in Kenya according to the EACC;

1.Muranga county

It is ranked the most corrupt in Kenya with a whole 90 percent of people admitting to have been engaged in corruption activity at least once.

2.Trans Nzoia County

This is the second most corrupt county in Kenya with a percentage of 84% of the people who frankly admitted to have commited corruption as a crime.

3.Mandera county

You may be surprised but this is the third most corrupt county in Kenya with 79.4% of corruption cases.

4.Kirinyaga county

The county has been over the news headlines for quite some time and the EACC report placed it fourth corrupt county in Kenya at a 78.9 % of total cases of corruption.

5.Marsabit county

A vast county in Kenya and the vastness is also experienced in terms of corruption.It is the next most corrupt county after Kirinyaga county with a total of 78.2%.

6.Tharakanithi county

7.Meru county

8.Laikipia county

9.Machakos county

10.Nyandarua county

11.Kilifi county

12.Migori county

13.Kisii county

Now you know where your county is ranked.If your county is not among the top 10 in this list,make it upon yourself to ensure corruption is stamped out of Kenya.

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