Top 10 most expensive areas to buy land in Nairobi 2018

Top 10 most expensive areas to buy land in Nairobi

With Nairobi,Kenya’s capital being one of the fastest growing business hub in Africa,land rate is also in the rise.Long are the days when you could acquire a big piece of land at Ksh 1 million in Nairobi and make a huge reap in it later on. There are some picked areas in Nairobi with the most expensive land price with an Acre of land costing over Ksh 500 Million ,we are talking about Upper hill.

Below is the full list of the most expensive areas in Nairobi that you can buy land in 2018.

1.Upper Hill

It is a strategic location in Nairobi area,the cost of land here is rising significantly annually and as we earlier said,a piece of land the size of an Acre costs between Ksh 500 million to Ksh 520 Million.Annual percentage change is at 2.6% while quarterly change is rated at 1.4%.


It closely follows Upper Hill and land here is very expensive as well due to it’s strategic location that is ideal for investments.An acre of land in Kilimani costs around Ksh 443 Million to Ksh 500 Million.It has an annual percentage change of 3.6%.


This is the third most expensive area to buy land in Nairobi.It is ideal for real estate businesses as well as any other business ventures.Land in westlands costs around Ksh 380 million an acre to Ksh 390 million.Percentage change annually is rated at 2.5%.


If you are looking for another expensive area in Nairobi then here is where you go next. An acre of land in Parklands will cost you around Ksh 380 million an acre and the annual percentage rate is at 1.5%.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Top 10 most expensive areas to buy land in Nairobi 2018


With the rising value of land in Nairobi and it’s environs,Kileleshwa is not left behind.An acre of land here can cost you Ksh 265 million and the annual percentage increase is at 0.00% and quarterly at 0.3%.


It is a booming business hub in Nairobi and land rate also goes with the hike in business.An acre of land here will cost you Ksh 282 million and has got an annual percentage increase of 7.7%.


Known for it’s lavish environs around Nairobi.It is another area where land will cost you mountains.An acre of land in Lavington goes for Ksh 234 million and the annual percentage change on that price is valued at 0.0% while quarterly percentage change is currently at 0.4%.


Just like Lavington,it has a lovish environment both for people and for business venture.As a person interested in land here,you will pay for an acre of land at Ksh 225 million.The annual percentage change on that rate is currently at 0.4%.

9.Spring Valley

It is one of the areas in Nairobi seeing some significant price changes on land.An acre costs Ksh 162 million and has a percentage change rate of 7.2% annually.


Was once an underrated area in Nairobi but currently seeing high changes in land rates.An acre of land in Muthaiga costs ksh 146 million and there is an annual percentage change of 11.0%.

With that said,you can weigh in the pros of different places in Nairobi as well as the money that you want to spend and get a good piece of land for your dream venture.Any additional info?Let us discuss on the comments section.

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