Top 10 Richest Counties in Kenya 2018-2019 county rankings

Richest county in Kenya

Kenya is a large country with 47 counties.Each county in Kenya boasts of different natural resources as well as availability of services including healthcare.With all the aspects put into account,there emerges richest counties in Kenya that outsmart the others in one way or another.All counties in Kenya have basic facilities and services and the Kenyan government also promotes equal economic development for all the counties spread across Kenya.

Even though a recent report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics states that the poverty level in Kenya has declined from 29.6% to 19.1%, it also states that the urban hardcore poverty has increased from 7.6% to 8.3%. As such, going by the GDP per capita, below are the top 10 richest counties in Kenya 2018.


We would not talk about the full list of richest counties in Kenya without mentioning Nairobi. Just to mention it, this is the richest county in Kenya 2018. Even though it is having a large population and a revenue of about sh 1.5 billion, Nairobi has a low GDP per capita of $1,790. It is mostly because it’s an urban county with nearly zero agricultural activities. Although, Nairobi continues to collect the highest amount of revenues from sources such as parking fees, advertisements, and business licenses. The county of Nairobi has the highest overall GDP of $3.4 billion.

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Nairobi county is also Kenya’s largest city with the highest size of urban population. The county has the highest proportion of youth and over 60% of its population is in the working age group.

Kiambu county

The county o Kiambu is an industrial centre which is where it gets most of its revenues from. Going by the census data carried out in 2009, Kiambu county has a population of 1,623,282 in which most of these people live in urban centers such as Thika, Ruiru, and Kikuyu town.

One would also consider to live in Kiambu because of its proximity to Nairobi. It is blessed with fertile land where farmers grow large scale tea, coffee, and other cash crops also plays a big role in faster economic growth for this county. The county is also home to some of the highest revenue generating companies including Delmonte Kenya, Kenya Clay Products, Bidco Africa Limited, Kenya Vehicle Manufacturing Limited, Broadway Bakery Limited, Kevian Kenya Limited, and many others.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Top 10 Richest Counties in Kenya 2018-2019 county rankings

Highly converting real estate in Kiambu also contributes to making the county rich.and that’s why when it comes to richest counties in Kenya in order, Kiambu County takes the first position. As per the research carried out by the World Bank, Kiambu has the highest GDP per capita in Kenya of $1,785. Although, in terms of overall GDP alone, Kiambu is the second highest after Nairobi.

Nyeri county

Nyeri county is one of the richest counties in Kenya that has a per capita GDP of $1,503. Success of upmarket residential houses and the large-scale coffee farming enables this county to be amongst the list of the top 10 richest counties in Kenya. This county, whose population is 693,558 residents, is also an industrial zone where many companies have put down roots. They includes the Coca-Cola franchise and Mount Kenya Bottlers.

Existing here include over 28 manufacturing industries that engage in various export trades such as dairy, tea, beverages, and grain processing. Since agriculture is the main economic activity, Nyeri county also gets its source of revenue from tourist attractions such as Mt. Kenya and the selling of natural resources such as sand and stones.


We cannot forget another rich county like Kajiado. This county is inhabited by a population of 687,312 residents and its proximity to Nairobi has contributed to its economic growth. Some of The largest land mass for this county is Ngong, and the riches are concentrated in areas that are closer to Nairobi such as Kajiado town, Ongata Rongai, and Kitengela.

Noting that this county also borders Taita Taveta County to the south-east and Tanzania to the south-west helps to increase the business turnaround for the county. Availability of fertile lands and good climatic condition contributes to the high output of farming produce. Kajiado County has five constituencies, and the landmass is about 21,900.9 square kilometers. Provided current GDP per capita of Kajiado County is $1,466


The county is another one of the richest counties in Kenya. Other titles that this county can boast of are that it’s the fourth largest city in Kenya and it borders seven other counties. The county gets its riches from tourist attractions such as the famous Lake Nakuru. The flower farms in Naivasha, Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site, Hells Gate National Park, hot springs, and the diverse wildlife also bring revenue for the county.

The two rain seasons create fertile grounds for farming which help boost the economic activity of the people in this county. Naivasha and Nakuru towns are the main sources of revenue for this county. Nakuru has a GDP per capita of $1,413 and it is one of the most populated districts with 473, 288 people.


Located in the south coast of Kenya, Kwale ranks amongst the top 10 richest counties in Kenya because of its high GDP per capita of $1,406. This county borders Taita taveta and Kilifi. Its proximity to Mombasa has helped boost its economic activities. What makes this county one of the richest in Kenya is its fishing activities, mining sector, agriculture, and tourist attractions such as marine and game parks as well as hotels.

With a population of 649,931 people, this county has one of the largest mineral deposits in Kenya, making it one of the richest counties in Kenya.


Laikipia is a county within rift valley that has a GDP per capita of $1,226. Tourists and even locals flock in this county to see the Big Five. The county borders six other counties, and its major towns include Nanyuki and Nyahururu. Nyahururu contributes to the county’s economic activity because it’s heavily involved in milk processing.

Additionally, its location along the equator gives Laikipia County favorable climatic conditions for agriculture and pastoral farming. Horticulture and cash crops are in plenty since agriculture is the main economic activity of Laikipia County. Apart from agriculture, the various ranches are a major source of beef. Its diverse wildlife which includes endangered species like the African wild dog and numerous tourist attractions such as Thomson Falls and Ole Pejeta Reserve make Laikipia County one of most loved tourist destination which contributes in making this county rich. Laikipia County has a population of 399,227 residents.


Murang’a is one of the counties in Central Kenya and has a GDP per capita of $1090. The county boasts of Coffee growing which is one of their major economic activities that contribute to make it one of the richest counties in Kenya. Murang’a County covers 2,558 square kilometers and most of people in this county engage in agriculture, especially the growing of coffee and tea. As a result, there are more than 6 factories in this county as well as coffee factories such as Kiharu Coffee Factories. Another lucrative agricultural activity that boosts Murang’a’s economy activity is macadamia farming.

Source: The Star, Kenya

Additionally, quarries that generate bricks and building stones are another source of income for the local people.The county is close to other key counties such as Nairobi and Thika makes the county accessible for trade and tourist attractions.


Mombasa county is one of the top counties with the least dependency ratios and its population is majorly comprised of the youth who are in the working age bracket. However, it also has a poverty incidence of 34.8%. Mombasa gets most of its revenue from the port and tourist attractions. A report by World Bank shows that Mombasa had one of the lowest GDP per capita of $935. It’s rich because of tourist attractions, business licenses, and world-class water activities that is a source of fun for both locals and foreigners.

The county borders the Indian Ocean to the east which makes fishing one of the economic activities for the locals. New real estate ventures add to the revenue collected by this county. Mombasa is one of the most populated counties in Kenya with 523, 183 people inhabiting the island. The goodies that Mombasa county has to offer, it’s no wonder it takes a spot in the richest counties in Kenyan ranking. As per the research by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 46% of the residents in Mombasa County are working for pay. And since employment and unemployment are the driving forces for boosting economic growth, a 46% earning means that the poverty level for this county is also reduced.


Machakos is a county that is growing rapidly, thanks to numerous investments and alternative business strategies that have enabled it to be on the list of top ten richest counties in Kenya. With a population of 1,098,584, the people of Machakos County are redefining their economic activities and pushing the boundaries of luxury living.

Given the near proximity of this county to Nairobi and the good infrastructure are some of the main factors that have made Machakos County to be one of the richest in Kenya. What separates Machakos from other rich counties is that it has the fastest growing middle class in Kenya, a trait that has attracted both local and foreign investors. This has in turn increased the demand for modern houses, which has elevated the real estate sector and caused many businesses to crop up.

The demand for many business licenses is another source of revenue for the county. With a population of 1,098,584, Machakos County, popularly known as Macha, has a GDP per capita of $913. This county is home to industrial centers such as East Africa Motor Industries, Almak Aqua Drillers, and Coca-Cola Distributors.

The top richest counties in Kenya therefore have some similarities including strong agricultural foundation,close to city centres where other services are easily available,good roads among other benefits.Kenya supports diversity and you should feel free to roam anywhere and settle or even start a business project there.Any feedback?Comment below.

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