Top 15 most dangerous roads in Kenya-Accident hotspots in Kenya

Top 15 most dangerous roads in Kenya-Accident hotspots in Kenya
Section of a dangerous road in Japan

The authorities have mapped out at least 15 black spots along main highways nationwide where drivers are cautioned to be more careful during the festive season.

The National Transport and Safety Authority and the National Police Service (NPS) have classified the dangerous areas across the country and beefed up patrol teams to control rogue motorists.

Sachang’wan, Migaa, Salgaa, and Soysambu areas in Nakuru County and Bonje area in Kilifi are amongst the black spots named in a shared press statement on road safety.

Others are Maanzoni in Machakos, Manyani in Taita Taveta, Lukenya and Kiima Kiu/Salama and Konza area in Makueni.

Duka Moja market centre in Narok and Ntulele and the Kenol road to Sagana and Kenol to Murang’a parts in Murang’a and Kirinyaga counties were also mapped.

List of Accident hotspots in Kenya

1. Salgaa

2. Sachangwan

3. Migaa

4. Bonje area in Kilifi

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5. Soysambu area in Nakuru County


7. Ntulele

8. Kiima Kiu/Salama

9.Konza area in Makueni

10. Manyani in Taita Taveta

11.Bonje area in Kilifi

12. Sections in Kirinyaga

13. Duka Moja market centre in Narok

14. Kenol to Sagana

15. Kenol to Murang’a

Preliminary investigations connect the causes of these crashes to risk agents such as reckless driving, speeding, road lane indiscipline, driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. We can only Advise you to be safe during the festive season as this is when most accidents in Kenya occur, do not board an overloaded vehicle for your own safety.

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