Top 5 best ways to get the most profit out of Mpesa shop in Nairobi,Kenya

Mpesa business

Since introduction, Mpesa shops have evolved to become one of the most general businesses in the Nairobi CBD and in Kenya generally. In the off chance that you run one or thinking of having one, today we are going to provide you with some of the best tricks you can implement so as to increase the number of profits you get each day.

1. Have Your M-Pesa Shop With Mobile Phone Accessories. 

About this, Some of the smartphone accessories in Kenya which you could sell on your Mpesa shop in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya includes; phone covers, batteries, SIM cards, earphones, headphones, and even you can avail phone charging services.

2. Request Your most Loyal Customers To Refer their friends and family to your Shop.

This will enable you to expand your reach of services and customer availability.

3. Select a strategic Place.

A strategy is critical as far as any other business in the world is concerned.

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Best locations you can consider when setting up your Mpesa shop include bus stages, fast food joints or university/colleges since they have more traffic as compared to other locations.

4. Get an excellent sign to refer customers to your Mpesa Shop

A good sign or simple ad for your Mpesa Shop in Nairobi is definitely a pivotal adjustment to increase customers

5. Don’t be rude and provide any kind of queries

Some Mpesa agents are always unresponsive to clients, and this may shy them away in case they need similar services the next time, so just be polite and respond appropriately.

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