Top 8 estates in Nairobi where most beautiful ladies stay

beautiful ladies in Nairobi

Nairobi county is the county with some of the most beautiful ladies in Kenya, why is that? Well, it is simple, diverse cultural centralization, that is ladies from all parts of Kenya are present in Nairobi. That said, you may now be wondering which areas in Nairobi can you find beautiful ladies? As always, we’ve got your back. Here is the list;


It is one place loved by single hot ladies. You would just happen to walk around and constantly make an eye contact with a beautiful one. You should, however, watch out as it is full of “slayqueens” who could render you out in terms of finances. Just a tip, most of the ladies who stay here are fond of clubs in Ngong Rd and Westlands.


Another place in Nairobi where you will need several beauties, probably because of university students who stay here. Also with that said, you can expect them to be young and may not be of your interest.


It contains some of the hottest ladies in Nairobi. The downside is that most ladies in this estate are usually lured out by sponsors. You may not get to grab them for yourself.

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Here you will also find young but beautiful ladies who are in campus. You may find it difficult in tolerating all their mess. Well, you know the fuss am talking about.


If you are in search of jealous ladies in Nairobi, then try to take your foot here. They are beautiful but troublesome and talk a lot. If that is fine by you,keepn it there.


Have you ever noticed that many ladies in Facebook comes from Ruaka, according to their profile bio. This place is full of single ladies probably because of cheap rent here.


I happened to be around here once, and from sampling,one can conclude that it has fine ladies, beautiful for making company.


With a big population here, you must expect to find some beautiful ladies. The beauty lies on your eyes so, up to you to choose.

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