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The 2019 Kenyan Universities with the Most Beautiful Girls positioning depends on audits from undergraduates and graduated class. At top-positioned varsities, both male and female understudies report that their female companions on these universities are extremely appealing but some are also troublesome.

List of universities in Kenya with the most beautiful ladies

1. Daystar University

There is no better depiction of magnificence and pride. They know they have it so they parade it. The young ladies in Daystar will stun you with their respectability and level of development.

The principle reason Daystar has the most delightful young ladies is that a large portion of their courses are just sought after by wonderful young ladies. You can’t be revolting and seek after news-casting unless you mean to be jobless until the end of time.

2.United States International University (USIU)

Mainstream degree courses here incorporate news coverage and correspondence, universal relations and showcasing. Every one of these courses require petite young ladies, whose early introduction will support the brand of an organization.

What is entertaining about the college, if a parent isn’t monetarily steady he can’t take his youngster there. Beside that, you will see polish and class among a large portion of the young ladies as larger part treat themselves like eminence paying little mind to the societal position they fall under.

3. Kenyatta University

By and by, I have cherished my involvement with Kenyatta University. While depicting KU young ladies, there are only those you can’t forget in a rundown like this.

4. Multimedia University of Kenya

Dopiest young ladies ever. Dramatization free thus chilled. The young ladies you will discover in the Multimedia college are straightforward, constantly made and super relaxed. In addition to the fact that they are lovely and great organization, they certainly turn up the place.

5. Mount Kenya University

For each 3 MKU young ladies you meet out and about, two are lovely, which is an accomplishment.

6.University of Nairobi

The conscience at the college is sufficiently enormous to pull in delightful young ladies. Because of a wide assortment of courses at UoN and the way that it’s arranged at the core of the city, it has probably the most excellent young ladies in Kenya.

7.Pwani University

It also hosts some of the prettiest girls that you will never stop to admire. If you need some of the most loyal campus ladies, Pwani is the university to go by.


With thousands of students and several branches, this university has some of the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. Most of them reside within Nairobi and are easy to find.

9.Moi University

Located in the former Rift valley province. The university flaunts a number of cute ladies to watch.

10. Maseno University

This university is located along Kisumu Busia highway and with a branch in Kisumu City. The ladies here are always cheap and disturbing in nature.

11.Masinde Muliro

We wind up with Masinde Muliro University. Just like their friends in Maseno, the ladies here are are beautiful but troublesome.




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