Updated new salary scale for civil servants in Kenya

Updated new salary scale for civil servants in Kenya
Updated new salary scale for civil servants in Kenya

All Civil Servants in Kenya will have new salary scales after the Kenyan government promised to raise their salary by a big margin

The new gross salaries per job group are as follows:

A-D 12,192 14,442
E 12,598 17,508
F 13,356 20,972
G 17,505 24,823
H 20,288 28,970
J 26,107 39,110
K 32,665 47,373
L 37,943 56,236
M 44,247 68,165
N 51,486 81,184


On top of the basic salaries described above, government employees are entitled to several allowances. In the new arrangement, the following is what they would earn.

Hardship allowances

Those living in metropolitan areas will earn Ksh 30,000. The hardship allowance for those in rural regions will be Ksh35, 000, and Ksh 40,000 for hardship areas.

Clinical officers and nurses will get KSh15,000 for urban, KSh20,000 for rural and KSh25,000 for hardship areas.

Job Groups K, group M and N workers will get between KSh20,000 and KSh25,000 and technologists KSh15,000 to KSh25,000, depending on the area of work.

An employee placed in any of the designated hardship areas will be paid a hardship grant of between KSh2,800 for Job Group A and KSh17,000 for Job Group N.

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Health risk adjustment will be paid to health workers. Amongst others, doctors in Job Group N and below will get KSh20,000, nurses KSh3,850, clinical officers, KSh3,000 and laboratory technicians KSh3,000.

Doctors (dentists, medical officers, and pharmacists) and medical officer interns stationed in hospitals will be compensated for a monthly emergency call allowance.

Medical manager interns in Job Group L will get KSh66,000 and M-N  KSh72,000 and clinical officers KSh10,000.

Nursing service allowance will be paid at KSh20,000 for Job Groups G-L while Job Group M and above will get KSh15,000.


Veterinary personnel aid risk allowance will be between KSh5,000 and KSh2,000 per month, and health service allowance will be KSh15,000.

These salaries were effective from July 2017

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