Utalii College courses and Fee Structure 2018-2019

Utalii college
Utalii college

The Utalii College is one of the most significant training centres in Africa with the principal courses in Travel and Hotel Management. It opened its doors in early 1975 which means that for approximately fifty years it provides people with qualitative learning. Find out more about Utalii College fee structure and offered courses in the following comprehensive article.

Utalii College courses. All you needed to know about Utalii College fee structure and courses 2018

Utalii College factual background

Utalii College unlocked its doors almost fifty years ago and had given specialised higher education to more than 61,000 lucky graduates not just from Africa but also from the whole world. The educational institution was established in 1975 under the Hotels and Restaurants Act, which was later succeeded by the Tourism Act.

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The Utalii College is a distinguished member of the African EUHOFA association, thanks to its consistent aspiration to improve and modernise the quality of their education and learning structure.

Utalii College educational courses

If you desire to become a student at Utalii College, choose a unique course and gain the most excellent quality education in Tourism and Hotel Management.

Utalii College fee structure 2018/2019

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At the time, the structure looks in this way:

Degree courses

You can choose either a Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism Management or Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management. Sounds exciting and you would like to know fee structure of Utalii college degree courses? Get ready to pay Ksh 12,000 per course unit for a Bachelor Degree course. There are besides other fees, that prospective student will have to pay each semester:

  • Ks1,000 – registration process;
  • Ksh1,000 – library fee;
  • Ks5,000 – annual fee for computer/lab works
  • Ksh500 – fee for production of your ID card;
  • Ks5,000 – medical emergency fee;
  • Ksh2,000 – activity charges;
  • Ks500 – examination charges (per unit);
  • Ksh1,000 – Union fee for every student;
  • Ks6,900 – transportation costs. This Kenya Utalii College fee structure is voluntary.

Utalii College is one of the reputable educational institutions in Africa

Diploma Courses at Utalii college

Want to get a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management? Moreover, Hotel Management Then try to become a student and graduate from Utalii College. First of all, find out about the Kenya Utalii College fee structure for diploma based courses. Feel free to reach the administration of the college with the aid of the following contacts.

Utalii College contacts

To contact the main campus based in Nairobi, by the telephone – +254 733 600 584;+ 254 722 205 491; +254 722 205 492; via e-mail – info@utalii.co.ke; or visit the administration office on your own at – Off Thika Road, P.O Box 31052-00600 Nairobi.

If you reside in Mombasa or near the city, you can reach the Mombasa Campus through e-mail – mombasacampus@utalii.co.ke; through telephone – +254 20 249 9248; +254 772 247 605; or at (MTC)Mombasa Trade Center, Former Ambalal House Opposite Electricity House, 4th Floor, North Wing, address P.O Box 90662 – 80100, MOMBASA.

For the Kisumu citizens – official telephone number is – +254 706-847 278; send an e-mail through – ksmcampus@utalii.ac.ke; or visit them physically at – NAKUMAT Mega City Mall, Mezzanine floor Nairobi Road, Kisumu, P.O.BOX 19470-40123, Kisumu city.

Certificate Courses

Want to consume only from half a year to year and a half and become a genuine professional in Travel Operations, Food Production, Tour Guiding and Administration, Housekeeping and Laundry, Front Office? The certificate courses are just for you. To be suitable to study at Utalii College certificate courses you will have to be from 18 to 30 years old. To be able to obtain information about fees or requirements, please, visit the college’s official website or contact them via listed contacts.

Short Courses

Short courses last only for three months in Housekeeping and Laundry Techniques, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Technologies cost from Ksh30,000 to Ksh40,000 per whole education period. The basic list of papers and age are the same as for all the other courses.

So, if you desire to study at one of the best colleges in Kenya and become a learned professional in Hotel and Tourism Management, Utalii College is the right choice.

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