Socialite Vera Sidika was out partying with vlogger Natalie Tewa’s Ugandan ex-boyfriend Rnaze barely hours after their nasty break up nearly tore down social media.

The couple who were once tipped to be Kenya’s Bonnie and Clyde had a nasty end to their seemingly flawless relationship as both parties emerged with accusations of battery and infidelity.

Videos soon emerged of their final fight where Rnaze looked to have locked Natalie out of their house. According to reports, the vlogger had to be picked up by her mother.

Incidentally, the break up came just as Rnaze – a model and photographer, was celebrating his 30th birthday and he decided no negative energy would take away his hype of finally making it to life’s third floor.

In a video accessed by the Ugandan is seen clubbing as he marks his birthday alongside other renown Kenyan celebrities including singer Kagwe Mungai.

What stands out , however is a particularly unexpected personality who was also at the party – none other than Kenya’s most marketable socialite Vera Sidika.

Vera quietly jetted back to the country on Wednesday, March 27 and it did not take her too long to get back to the Nairobi party life.

What struck fans by surprise was the fact that the socialite enjoyed some form of friendship with Rnaze and the two were enjoying drinks barely hours after the break up.

In his caption, Rnaze simply said: 30 is about connecting with old friends – an indication that himself and Vera go way back, probably.

A hawk-eyed viewer might have however noted that the 30-year-old looked low-spirited, despite his big day.

If gossip going around is anything to go by, his relationship with Natalie took a south turn after the 25-year old vlogger allegedly cheated on him as a form of revenge.

It is alleged Rnaze himself had an affair with his baby’s mother and word somehow got to Natalie, who simply retaliated.


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