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Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika Biography

Age :29

Date of Birth: 30th September 1989

Vera Sidika Age

Vera Sidika was conceived 30th September 1989 ( 28 years as at 2017)

Vera Sidika Career

Vera Sidika began off her vocation at 17 years old when she displayed as hefty size model where she took part in challenges and mold appears.

Vee S Beiby later moved to Nairobi in 2009 where she joined Kenyatta University with an aim to seek after her examinations in Art and Design; this gave her a chance to completely take her vocation to the following level.

Vera Sidika rose to acclaim in 2012 when she included as the video young lady in P-Unit’s single “You Guy”. This shot her profession to more prominent statures as she got more In 2014, she showed up in Prezzo’s single, “My Gal”

In November 2015, she showed up as a video lady in Nigerian performers KCSkiibii and Harrysong titled “Ebaeno”.


Vera Sidika has likewise graced The New York Post and BBC Africa stages.

Vera Sidika – Veetox Tea

In May 22nd 2017 she propelled detox tea, Veetox Tea. Veetox is a

home grown detox that lessens swelling, wash down stomach related framework, enhance digestion and buens tummy fat.

Veetox Regular guides more in consuming stomach fat, while Veetox Extra help lose full body weight a few people may utilize the lavatory 6 to 8 hours in the wake of utilizing the tea. This is the way toward purifying the body’s framework and it will gradually vanish, reason being as a first time client there is a considerable measure of poisons collected in your body that should be disposed of first. At that point once your body is purged solid discharges progressively blurs as

the tea now works towards upkeep/keeping up and dodges sustenance from being changed over to fat.

Vera Sidika Video

Vera Sidika picked up prominence after she showed up in the music video for the melody ‘You Guy’ by Kenyan hip-jump assemble P-Unit, discharged in 2012. The ‘You Guy’ video was really not Sidika’s first music video. 4 years sooner, she had shown up in the video for the melody ‘UnatakaNini’ by the hip-jump artiste, and Sidika’s companion, Prezzo. In 2014, she showed up in the video for the tune ‘Convey Go’ by Nigerian-American artiste Davido highlighting D-Black. Sidika is the main young lady in a group of three youngsters.

Vee S Beiby Video ‘You Guy’

Vera Sidika Boobs – Vera Sidika Gets Breast Implant

Hiding out has never been Vera Sidika’s style and scarcely two months subsequent to drumming up a buzz with her helped skin, the socialite is back… with greater boobs. Turns out that while she was away, Vera was occupied with developing her bust. She appeared her new acquisitions on her Instagram page. This came as a stun to numerous perceiving how her bust before was truly damn great. Unmistakably, nothing is too enormous for Sidika.

Things You Didn’t Know About Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby

  1. Vera Sidika, known as Vee S Beiby was conceived September 30th 1989 in Mombasa, Kenya
  2. Vera Sidika, passes by the name Vee S Beiby as her stage name
  3. She is the first of three kids and the main young lady.
  4. Vera’s Boyfriend is a Nigerian oil magnate who happens not to be in showbiz, But rather he is an Investor in oil and gas.
  5. Vera was right now seeking after a Degree in Interior Design at Kenyatta University.
  6. Vera Sidika quit her training to center around her profession as a Fashionista, Model, Socialite and furthermore an Entrepreneur
  7. She at that point moved to Nairobi in 2009 since confirmation at the University which is Kenyatta University
  8. Vera Sidika is acclaimed for posting photographs of her attractive posterior via web-based networking media. Vera charges extend is about $2,500 (Sh217,000) every hour in occasions, however its extremely debatable with regards to music recordings, where she asserts that she even get more than that.
  9. Vera claims an online shop where she offer garments that pass by the area
  10. Her profession in Modeling has gone to the following level, with photograph shoots, runways , plugs and showing up in real occasions.
  11. Skin helping is under the spotlight in Kenya after an outstanding socialite, Vera Sidika, uncovered she has burned through a huge number of dollars on the treatment provoking the hashtag #BleachBeauty
  12. Vera’s Left hand tattoo kept in touch with her epithet “Vee”
  13. Vera Sidika having a walk around Night in Dubai
  14. Vee S Beiby likes Swimming and she is seen having a fabulous time playing with a Dolphin
  15. Vee S Beiby is a soccer fan and frequently she watches some matches

Vera Sidika Businesses

Vera Sidika is celebrated around the world for posting photographs of her curvaceous rear via web-based networking media. Vera charges run is about $2,500 (Sh217,000) every hour in occasions, however its extremely debatable with regards to music recordings, where she guarantees that she even get more than that.

Vera Sidika possesses an online shop where she offer garments that passes by the area

Vee s Beiby has been deceived on the web and via web-based networking media into consenting to get cozy with rich outside men in return for cash. So it is expected that when she makes her remote excursions she goes to meet her ‘backers’ in return for immense aggregates of cash.

Vera Sidika Car

Vera is appalently Kenya’s wealthiest socialite Vera Sidika acquires huge and spends enormous. She has various costly German autos and today we will center around her BMW X5 it retails at around sh6.5 million and it has 300 – 400hp.


Vee S Beiby escaping her Mercedes Benz convertible

Vera Sidika House

Vera possesses a Penthouse where she lives in Kileleshwa and furthermore has arrive in Kilifi.

Vera has now included a top of the line lodging only for herself. She said she used to lease a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani for Ksh3,500 and now she utilizes that as broadcast appointment for her cell phone.

She stated:

“Life is to be sure an adventure, you never wake up and have everything great! You have to feel the battle and agony and be Patient before observing more promising times. I recall when I came to Nairobi I used to live in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani Ksh. 3,500 month to month. It was the Living Room, Dining, Bedroom,Kitchen,Bathroom across the board pressed space… and today Ksh. 3,500 is the thing that I’d use accessible if the need arises credit day by day. Perceive how God functions! Petition; Major Key”


Vera Sidika video flaunting her multi million shilling home


Vera Sidika Boyfriend

Vera Sidika otherwise known as Vee S Baiby has a mogul Nigerian beau. In spite of the fact that their sentiment has not been openly eye, the two have been seeing each other for quite a while. Vera Sidika was likewise roumoured to date a best African pioneer. And in 2018 Otile Brown who was later dumped and Vera has since moved on with a new bae.

Vera Sidika claims that her Nigerian sweetheart has 20 individual autos.


Her beau additionally ruins her with hair worth $2500 – N400,000, shoes $3500 – N560,000.


Vera Sidika Breaching

Vera Sidika was a really, excellent, and genuine meaning of an African lady before somebody deceived her that she would manage the world on the off chance that she were a “mzungu”.

In 2014, Vera Sidika acknowledged the way that she had helped her skin in the UK. In any case, she invalidated cases that the method used to fade her skin was not protected and could influence her medicinally.

She stunned her fans when she said that the dying technique cost her over ksh 15 million. She says, “My body is my business and it is a cash producer.

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Skin blanching has turned into an in vogue incline in Kenya the same number of women have swung to fading for the sake of being provocative.

Video – Vera Sidika Twerking


Vera Sidika Exposed

This one included the ruler Vee herself, Vera Sidika. Evidently stories of her having a rich Nigerian beau that takes into account her a large portion of a million shilling weave and skin ‘helping’ methodology as she gets a kick out of the chance to call them is only a total lie and she acquires her millions by resting around.

A specific Instagram account that passes by the name of The Seeker of Truth put on a show to be a potential customer looking to hirer Vera’s services(get my float). He played her a trick asserting to dwell in Dubai and offered to pay her approach to where he was for seven days of insane love making.

Not surprisingly Vera seized the opportunity and as much as it disheartens me to state this, Vera is extremely a costly specialist organization. For an entire week one needed to pay near Ksh 1.4million to get a bit of her

7 Reasons Why Vee S Beiby Is Kenya’s Very Own Kim Kardashian

Lets begin with what is unmitigatedly self-evident:

1. The Booty

The two young ladies have some genuine goods and they are not reluctant to display it.Vera’s goods full appearance in P-Unit’s video ‘You Guy ‘pushed her into notoriety and who can overlook how Kim’s scandalous tape with Ray J moved her from a condition of lack of definition to overall distinction?

2. They are brilliant

Not at all like most socialites who live for the minute and appear to be lost and got up to speed in the high life Vera and Kim are savvy and have figured out how to utilize their freshly discovered notoriety to fabricate a brand name. Vera and Kim have figured out how to mark themselves in their nations as well as globally. We are altogether mindful of DASH a dress line set up by Kim and her sisters;

Vera’s business attempts however remain somewhat scrappy yet its claimed that she gets paid calm a bump some for her video appearances.


3. They are both model material.

Kim’s appearance on the front of playboy magazine earned one of the most noteworthy deals in Playboy history.Vera Sidika is set to effortlessness the front of one of America’s top rated distributions King Magazine that exhibits just the best booties

in the world.The certainty that she was the main Kenyan socialites picked,is an accomplishment in itself. On the off chance that Vera shows up on the cover, she will join attractive ladies, for example, Melissa Ford, Nicki Minaj and Trina.

4. They are both famous .

We ran a Ghafla survey to discover who was your most loved socialite in Kenya and Vera won by an embarrassing margin. Kim Kardashian has a firm handle via web-based networking media with around 18.6 Million supporters on Twitter.

5. They are both elegant. As far as style

Vera Sidika is by a wide margin the most jazzy socialite in Kenya and we as a whole know Kim has one of those set up together outfits that are ensured to arrive her a minute on the spotlight

6.Thy first gathered media consideration through companions turned enemies. For Kim it was kindred socialite Paris Hilton and for Vera it was socialite turned specialist Huddah Monroe.

7. They both have exceptionally snappy names the sort of names you keep in mind effortlessly. Who can overlook a name like Kim Kardashian or Vera Sidika?

Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby Latest News

Vera Sidika Boyfriend: Has socialite Vera Sidika discovered love?

Refreshed: 15.02.2018

Could the socialite have discovered love?

From its looks, it is conceivable that Vera has proceeded onward yet she is yet to affirm who the hot person she was seen posturing with truly is.

As indicated by urban road dialect, BFF signifies ‘Closest Friends Forever’ and could likewise signify ‘Beau Forever.’ Whatever she implied, this is one saucy photograph that has left tongues swaying.

”Upbeat Valentine’s Day from my BFF and I.” She posted.

From their nearby standing and physical contact, there could be more that is going on in secret than is being said.

You choose.

Vera Sidika shoots Kenyan ladies over VP dating charges

Refreshed: 17.10.2017

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika isn’t anxious about pursuing show.

About seven days back, Vera confronted the anger of Nigerian ladies for professedly taking their men. In her reaction, the shapely Vera called attention to that it was the men who were after her:

“For what reason not center around keeping your men in your nation as opposed to assaulting remote young ladies for dating them? They approach us, not the other route round!”

Furthermore, now, Vera has hit out at Kenyan and Tanzanian ladies, encouraging them to “eat githeri and rest.

This is after cases that she had laid down with Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, a famous playboy whose sumptuous way of life is very exposed.

The talk was started after both Vera and Teodoro shared Snapchat stories from the Maldives, where she is at present on vacation.

Vera Sidika will never again be on Nairobi journals

Prominent Socialite, Vera Sidika has gone separate ways with Nairobi journals

She has cited in addition to other things, her failure to work with contents and requests

Following quite a while of considering, mainstream socialite has dropped from the thrown of Nairobi journals.

In January 2016, the socialite was assaulted by a kindred cast part for an issue that was pegged on envy. She mulled over remaining with the arrangement for her fans to perceive what might work out in the days to come.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, the socialite went separate ways with the unscripted television indicate saying that it was not in accordance with her motivation. This comes as a major hit to a show essentially well known among Nairobi women.

In independent episodes, Vera had said that she was the main reason that individuals watched the show. With the money bovine gone, K24 is in a problem to supplant the socialite and rake in sees.

Vera Sidika in a progression of updates on her Snapchat expressed her purposes behind stopping as:

She was burnt out on being utilized by the organization to shoot as they needed.

There was excessively negative vitality on set which was in opposition to her mantra.

She had profited, indeed, and was thinking about guidance from her fans who had been advising her to stop.

The show is scripted, with minimal opportunity to flaunt encounters as they may be, Vera is burnt out on playing the manikin and being bosses around.

After her tirade of updates,Vera uncovered that she would nor be going to the gathering nor shooting the second period of the truth appear. This clarifies why the socialite has been absent in the most recent scenes of Nairobi journals.

The socialite additionally apologized to the cast and those that she may have crossed.

Nairobi journals was shot a long time back however was dismissed by Multichoice. It was assumed control by K24 in 2015 and has been well known among Kenyan women with consequent scenes being the subject of discourse via web-based networking media

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