where to bleach your skin in Nairobi

Are you looking to change your skin tone? If the answer is a yes then perhaps you have been wondering where can I get a bleaching shop or corner in Nairobi to do it professionally? Well, as always we’ve got your back and here are some of the places in Nairobi to do just that without stress.

1. Avane Dermatology Clinic 

It is the most recommendable.

Location:  Yaya Center 4th Floor

Mobile: 0715691144

Mombasa location: Nyali Center 2nd Floor. Ensure that you are served by Dr Nura Salim.

Mobile: 0734444232

2. First Laser Skin Centre Ltd

First Laser Skin Centre is found in Yaya Centre 3rd floor room three operated by Dr Pranav Pancholi.

Call : +254 715 691144

3. Keridam Skin Clinic & Medical Centre

Keridam is placed at Norwich union house, Norwich mall 2nd floor along Mama Ngina Street.

Phone Contacts :

+ 254(0) 702 952154

+ 254(0) 20 510 3316

4. Dr Hannah Wanyika who also has an office on the 2nd floor of the NHIF house is one of the most recommended doctors in Kenya one can visit before choosing to do Skin lightening. She is an excellent dermatologist.

4. Glutathione Beauty Products Kenya

When you want to go to the cosmetics path, you can try  Glutathione Beauty Products that are in Kenya, they have been in the country’s market for a while now.

Contacts : +254726 394989

5. Shellys Glutathione Beauty Shop

Contacts : 0722 569 555

Before you go ahead bleaching your skin, you should know that it might be permanent so try to proceed with care after thinking about the long-term effects.where to bleach your skin in Nairobi


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