Where to shop for classic baby clothes in Nairobi Kenya

We all love those adorable baby outfits right? For mums, shopping for babies clothes is a mixed experience, it is good at times, and on other moments, it is a draining ordeal.

When the newborn is some weeks old, shopping for their outfits is an easy task because you don’t have to reflect gender necessarily. However, when the newborn gets to some months old, it gets a little hectic because gender comes into play.

Your financial situation is also a major determining factor in how you do your baby`s shopping.

Below are stores where you can go shopping for classic babies clothes at low prices in Kenya:

Baby clothing stores and shops in Nairobi for Newborns

These stores range in location and the variety of baby clothes they sell. Some stores are particularly for infants 0- 12 months, while others are for common babies, irrespective of the age.

  • Cuddly Hugs Kenya
  • Doodles Kids Closet
  • The Boy`s Store
  • Pirma Baby Shop
  • Tiny Twinkle Baby Store
  • Baby Shop, Thika Road Mall

Where to buy second-hand baby clothing in Nairobi

  • Toi Market
  • Gikomba Market
  • Muthurwa Market
  • Fig Tree/ Ngara Market

If you are observant enough, you might as well come across a flashy clothing that could not even be found on a classy baby shop.

Other baby shops in Nairobi

1. Allen Baby

Phone: 0704 380138

2. Zuri Kids Fashions

Phone: 0705 890100
Spot: Embakasi

3. Ella’s Baby Store

Phone: 0723 300436
Location: Muthiga

4. Marion’s Baby Shop

Phone: 0726 013710
Place: Tom Mboya Street

5. Kids Clothes

Phone: 0776 597085

6. Something Random

Phone: 0711 444461
Place: The Stables, Karen Road

7. Bear And Cubs Haven

Phone: 0795 629955

8. Fab Baby Shop

Phone: 0713 220035
Place: Imenti House, Mondlane street.

9. Parents And Baby World

Phone: 0721 246249
Location: CBD

10. The Boy’s Store

Phone: 0737 280570
Place: Adams Arcade

11. Toto’s Store

Phone: 0724 220019
Location: Moi Avenue

12. Little Wonders Baby Shop

Phone: 0720 635675
Place: T-Mall

13. Fancy Kids Wear

Phone: 0713 302913
Place: Imenti House

14. Toto Spot

Phone: 0706 902967
Place: Leader House

15. Smart Baby

Phone number: 0721379718 / 0705462736

16. Totos Delight

Phone: 0700 326962
Place: Mbaazi Avenue

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