Who will conquer Germany Bundesliga the next season?

The previous season, the tense struggle in Germany Bundesliga pleased the fans a lot. Despite the fact that Bayern Munich once again became the champion of the country, it had to overcome serious competition from Borussia. Moreover, Niko Kovac’s team managed to reach the first place just a few rounds before the end of the season.

Borussia crucially lacked experience and ability to distribute forces over a long tournament distance. The team showed bright and attacking football most of the year, but in the spring it began to make mistakes occasionally. Sometimes the goals were scored by the Bumblebees themselves.

However, the result demonstrated allows the team to claim victory in the German Bundesliga the next season. By now, Borussia has already gained experience and has also made a number of great transfers (Hazard, Brandt) with the proceeds from the transfer of Pulisic. This should be one of the team trump cards in the fight for the title.

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The chances of Borussia for gold medals are very good, they only need to add a little more stability. If we talk about the strengths of the team, they include:

  1. Great selection of players. This is confirmed by the recent transfers.
  2. Progress of a number of young performers. First of all, they are Sancho and Hakimi, who became the leaders of the team the previous season already.
  3. Good teamwork; over the last year the players have truly become one team.
  4. No problems with motivation. In contrast to the Bayern, Borussia hasn’t won the title for a very long time, so the team will do its best in every match.

All this makes the chances of the Dortmund team for the title really good, but Niko Kovac’s squad will hardly surrender so easily. That is why most experts agree that the upcoming season will be characterized by the tough competition, and we will know the winner at the very finish of the medal race.

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