Researchers in France and Spain have cautioned against consumption of ultra-processed food such as instant noodles, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and sweetened breakfast cereals.

The scientists said consumption of such food to premature death, poor health, and heart-related complications.

The researchers noted that the quantity of such food being eaten on a daily basis had expanded tremendously in recent times.

Ultra-processed meals are those that go through complicated processes and contain many added constituents and are highly manipulated.

Other common examples are packaged soups, chicken, soft drinks, chips, chocolate, candy, ice-cream, and fries.

A recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association had shown consumption of a 354ml glass of fruit juice a day is linked to a 24% increase in premature death.

It also discovered out that 340ml glass of soda produces about 6 % increased the risk of early death over the same timespan.

“Portion size is very important because it’s really the greater recommended portion of every additional serving that prompted the increased risk. I would inspire my patients to drink no more than 115 ml to 236 ml of juice per day,” medical researcher Kate Patton told Philadelphia CBS.


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