William Ruto

– Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto claimed he was an innocent buyer of illegally acquired land

– He said he bought the 0.7 hectares parcel at KSh 10 million in 2007

– National Land Commission ruled that the land lawfully belonged to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

– Outgoing NLC Commissioner Abigael Mbagaya said Ruto must pay for the land at current market value

– She said it was upon the deputy president to follow up individuals who sold the land to him for a refund

– The commission announced it would make public the valuation price of the disputed land

National Land Commission (NLC) has maintained that Deputy President William Ruto must pay for the illegally acquired Weston Hotel land at the current market price.

William Ruto has all through denied he unlawfully acquired the prime parcel, arguing that he was conned into buying it by initial owners after NLC ruled the property belonged to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

National Land Commission says William Ruto must pay for Weston Hotel land

In an Interview with Citizen TV, on Tuesday, February 19, outgoing NLC Vice Chairperson Abigael Mbagaya was firm that the DP had no option but restitute the public land.

She denied politicising the matter and reaffirmed that compelling Ruto to pay for the property was the right thing to do.

“The DP must pay for the land at the current open market value. This will enable KCAA to find an alternative parcel of similar value. There is no politics in asking someone to pay restitution to the public,” Mabagaya said.

She did not disclose what amount Ruto is expected to pay but assured an open market valuation report would be made public on Tuesday, February 19.

National Land Commission says William Ruto must pay for Weston Hotel land

Mbagaya observed it was upon Ruto to go after those who sold him the land to get his refund.

“You return the land because it is you we have found with. It is upon to him to go after the people who sold it to him and recover his money,” she said.

Earlier,Exposeke reported that Ruto purchased the land from Priority Management and Monene Investments Limited Companies.

Outgoing NLC Chairperson Muhammad Swazuri, denied reports that he approved the transfer of the public land to a private investor.


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