zainabu zeddy

Zainabi zeddy is Churchill show, female comedian. Fastest rising Churchill Show female comedienne Zeddy has for an extended period preferred to keep her personal life out of the public limelight but all in all, we have something about her. Zainabu Zeddy was born in Majengo area in Nairobi, then shortly were in Olkalou before her family finally moved back to the city in Majengo.

Education and career background

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy realized at a very young age while at Githunguri Primary School that she could make somebody laugh. She recognized that during school break time when she was hanging out with colleagues, they laughed at nearly every sentence she spoke.

Before entering Churchill show, Zainabu Zeddy worked for the EPZ company for five years and it was while there that her co-workers pressured her to audition for the Churchill show.

Zeddy attended the Comic show as part of the audience two times and during the third trial, she felt that she had what it takes and so she left her job and auditioned.

While the manager was convinced after auditioning, comedian Zeddy had to learn the hard way the distinction between making friends at home laugh and real comedy.

Joining Churchill Show

For four good months, she never got an opportunity to perform at the comic show despite attending all practice concourses. Her break through came when she offered during a segment of the Churchill show that doesn’t air on live TV that happens in between Churchill Raw and the real show, where anyone in the house who thinks he or she is funny and entertaining is invited to perform and then the champions are awarded.

Zainabu Zeddy was the only woman against three guys and was named the winner. Three weeks on,she got her first show on churchill main show.

Is zainabu zeddy married?

No, the comedian is not married, she also prefers to keep her private life secret but we will know in case of anything.

zainabu zeddy age

Her age is not known to the public, we will try to establish this and update it.

zainabu zeddy

zainabu zeddy contacts

The comedian is available on major social media handles that is, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

zainabu zeddy interview

Question: People always confuse you to be a girl from the Coast

Really? I have lived in various places and Coast is none of them. I was born in Majengo area Nairobi, then I spent some time in Olkalou then my family moved backward to the city in Majengo.

Do you feel frightened being the only woman in a male-dominated field?

The business does not care whether you are a man or a lady. It only cares when you have what it really takes. My hard upbringing has taught me to fight for everything that is worth striving for and despite what most people may think, I never get any special favours.

Why is it that unlike other areas in entertainment production, it is only comedy where women don’t succeed as much as men?

You need an iron heart to endure as a comedian. There are times when you come on stage and the viewers just stares at you without laughing.

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When this occurs, most women, I have noticed, will run backstage and cry stating they will never step on the stage again and give up.

No one wants to prepare for a week and be in that situation but when it occurs to me, I use it as a knowledge experience and don’t let it go to me.

A lot of new entertainers fizzle out after making it big but the old ones manage to sustain relevance. Are we presuming the same from you?

Sometimes things happen very fast. One week you are really struggling to get recognition and the other you are abruptly famous. Many comedians are unable to manage the pressure that comes with being a sudden public figure. I regularly try not to get it into my head so much and I am very religious.

How has comedy shaped your life?

As I told you in the beginning, my family was living in Korogocho slum in Nairobi before I joined Churchill and by being an entertainer, I have managed to pull them out of the slums finally.

There are reports that you are dating fellow comedian YY…

(Laughing) That is a production of you guys in the media. People just saw a selfie I took with him and uploaded it to a social media site, and the rumors started. I am not dating him, and I will never date a comedian.

So are you dating anyone?

I prefer not to respond to that because my answer may influence my relationship with my fans, which most of them are men.


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