Online users were left stunned on Friday, March 23 after business lady Zari Hassan’s late ex Husband Ivan Ssemwanga oddly appeared in their timelines months after his passing.

Fans naturally expected Ivan’s social media accounts to remain inactive following his death in May 2017 although his teenage sons had access to his Instagram.

The late Ivan “Don” Semwanga. Ex husband to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. /INSTAGRAM

Despite access to their late dad’s account, the boys have managed to keep posting at a minimum for obvious reasons.

The last legitimate post by Ivan himself was on May 9 when he was pictured attending an exclusive event.

For this reason, fans were taken aback when Ivan’s account was used to share a photo of himself, with fans concerned that the late businessman was being disrespected.

The photo was coupled with one of the famous Ivan quotes which he is largely remembered

“No matter the circumstances never forget to live your life,” the caption on the photo read. could not establish the motive for sharing the photo and quote, but fans’ reactions suggested that it had definitely creeped them out.

tengeneza_shape_yako ivan kafufuka

roseandy_Hivi huko pia Internet inasumbua km huku dunia

weas But why can’t you live this guy to rest in peace?


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